New Zealand’s First Biomagnetic Underlays

Our Magne-Sleep biomagnetic underlays are made to our specifications with larger magnets to penetrate the body more effectively.

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“From using the Magne-Sleep, after the first night I didn’t need my puffer. I still get breathless (from angina) but not as much and no chest pains. I could walk to the letterbox and back by the 10th day. After the 18th night I had no pain in my osteo-arthritis knee during the night. After the 19th night I had no restless feet. By the 27th night I was experiencing deeper sleeps and after 40th night the sleeps were really deep.

May help with

  • Asthma – reduced use of medication
  • Diabetes – improved circulation
  • Blood Pressure – less medication
  • Snoring – snoring reduced
  • Injury – faster recovery
  • Arthritis – relief from joint pain
  • Insomnia – deeper sleep

Your Questions

  • How do your magnets work?
  • What type of magnets do you use?
  • Can I still use my electric blanket?
  • How long do your products take to work?
  • Are your products safe for children?
  • Can I sleep on a Magne-Sleep while pregnant?
  • Can I sleep on a Magne-Sleep with a pacemaker? Read more

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