Hair loss and how we can help

Hair Loss, temporary or permanent, can be devastating and can often result in diminished self confidence and low self esteem.
We usually associate hair loss with the aging process, often generic, but it can occur with a sudden illness or trauma and reasons unknown as in Alopecia Areata.

At Body Magnetix our main focus is on Natural Health & Healing and the Fully range of Organic Hair Care is a new addition.
This plant-based hair product range is safe and natural and is ideal for people suffering hair loss, temporary or permanent, and who want to look and feel good every day.

We have a great Introductory offer that includes all 4 x Fully Products to trial (4-6 weeks) so you can find out how effective, quick & easy this product is to use everyday.
So why not get started and regain new confidence in your every day life!
You can also purchase Fully product individually if you wish.




You may also like our Better Health Hair Brush with magnetic bristles to massage your scalp and stimulate nerve endings for better, healthier, hair.

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