Magnetic Moggies

Cats are very clever creatures when it comes to knowing the best warm place to curl up for a long nap.
Over the years Customer Feedback has told us cats really love our Magnetic Pillow pads.
They enjoy the soothing warmth of magnets and, unknowingly, benefit from all the good things like better blood flow, pain relief and reduced swollen joints as they sleep on and on and on.
And when they finally do yawn, stretch and move just like a kitten, only we know why.

Our canine pets, despite being able to fire up when a moggie is in their sights, also suffer from painful conditions such as injury, swollen joints and arthritic pain.






Your pets Moggie or Mutt will love our Magnetic Pet Pads that will help heal and restore energy with each rest so they can snooze on or fire-up and enjoy the best of life.

And, it’s not just our domestic felines and canines who can benefit from therapuetic magnets when injured or suffer other painful ailments.
Over the 20 years that we have been promoting Magnetic Underlays and Magnetic Pet Pads the Equine world has increasingly used magnets to speed up the healing process of injury and inflammation for horses.
Many horse breeders used our very small powerful Neodymium Magnets to treat Equine leg injuries and accelerate recovery, by placing several magnets directly under the hoof pad for short periods.
Nowadays, these strong magnets are secured inside special padded covers that are then fitted around the hoof outer. Same results but with ideal non-invasive Equine comfort.
To other matters.
My chicken coop is still a work in progress, albeit very slow progress, with hopefully more to show and tell next month.

And the Rosemary hedge from hormone dipped cuttings is also taking some time to show any sign of growth.

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