How to find The Best Bed for your Magne-Sleep

Over the years Magne-Sleep has become a bit of a sounding board for people looking to replace their bed. We are not sure why, maybe the name Magne-Sleep can be a bit misleading, but we have always been very happy to oblige.

But times have changed and in this new age of designer beds our simple advice seems rather out of step.
Shopping for a new bed has evolved into a rather stressful, somewhat scientific and almost mortgage-breaking exercise.
The festive season usually has us deciding that things around the house or garden need an upgrade. And a new bed is often on that wish list. Once the idea takes shape it’s hard to let it go, especially when you check out those amazing deals going over the Christmas New Year Period.

A family member very recently up-graded their bed to a deeper, bigger and much heavier one.
It required serious man power to get the bed – 2parts – inside the gate let alone inside the house, then around a tricky corner and finally to the bedroom.
But I’m still not convinced your ideal bed should be so heavy it requires a crane to position it nor so expensive it needs an overdraft, to be assured of a good night’s sleep!
If Santa or the festive season determines you need a new bed maybe our check list can help:

Set a budget before you go shopping.
Browse first without the showroom assistant.
Look and test all bedding options, including the cheaper ones.
Sit on bed edge check firmness, lie down check comfort & bounce.
Can the mattress be reversed?
Mattress & Base combination can it be re-postioned by you?
Deep, intricate, topper quilting can be annoying to rest on. Choose simple & lengthwise.
Can air circulate under the bed and can you vacuum under the bed?
Get the right size for your needs include family and pets!

And if you love your present bed but would like to add more depth with firm comfort, consider a Bamboo Topper pad.
We have one and the flat topper surface gives our bed a new sleek finish with our Lambswool Magne-Sleep adding ideal comfort.



Shopping for a new bed is fun there is so much choice for every one!




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“Wishing you a very Merry Magne-Sleep Christmas”.

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