About Us

Things you may like to know about us.

In the late 1990’s we made our first cotton magnetic underlay from our home in Auckland.
We further developed and refined this protype to produce the first biomagnetic Magnetic Underlay in New Zealand.
Our company name became Body Magnetix Limited and our product brand Magne-Sleep.
We rented small premises in Albany, on the Auckland North Shore, and began manufacturing and marketing Magne-Sleep nationally and internationally.

In the early 2000s we developed our 100% Lambswool Magne-Sleep. The first company in New Zealand to introduce this remarkable product and transform the concept of Magnetic Underlays. Several years later we designed and made the first detachable and removable zip-off Lambswool Magnetic Underlay for the New Zealand market, and beyond.

This simple zip-off means you can refresh the Lambswool Cover as often as you wish and without disturbing the magnetic inner. With each wash the natural fleece fibres tighten and return the lambswool to its original “fluffy” condition all without disturbing the magnetic inner.
In recent years we have minimised our overheads and structures without compromising our absolute commitment to improving product performance  so we can bring you far better value in every way.

Our knowledge and experience of biomagnetic therapy enables us to properly inform you before you decide to buy. We have researched and refined the world’s most advanced biomagnetic therapy practices so that we can genuinely offer you products that can help you enjoy a better life.


We are confident that our products are the best of their type.  Equally, we assure you of excellent customer service based on understanding what you want and what can help you best. Contact us to discuss how we can help you enjoy better nights and better days.                                              Phone 09 431 5236