Always do your homework

By simply typing in a few “key” words the internet can deliver us more information on any one thing or person than we could have possibly imagined not that many years ago.
We can track down the cheapest hotel in a little village on the other side of the world or find the best local restaurant or seek a long lost friend or an unknown relative.
It’s quite staggering to know we can search and find all, by simply using the tips of our fingers.

Making sure you get Quality information about our product range is very important to us.
Every product on our website has detailed information in words and pictures. We explain how the product is made and what it is made from, how to use it best, what benefits you can expect, how to care for it and how long it should last. And our pictures show you exactly what the product looks like so you can envisage how it will feel to rest on, or to wear or use.
This detail is found at the bottom half of each product page.

Along with detailed information we include real photos of product “inner” and “outer” – where possible – so you can be assured that quality is equally consistent on the inside as on the outside.
Our Pure Cotton Magne-Sleep & Pure lambswool Zip-Off Magne-Sleep  have closeup pics so you can visualize the deep comfort of the Cotton Quilt or the added luxury of 500gsm Lambswool. Buyer confidence is important to us. We don’t expect customers to buy from a picture of a folded underlay in a display bag.
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The Garden
Despite very low water tank levels we are convincing ourselves that the light soft misty moisture over the past few days is exactly what we need!  And it’s mostly true. Wide ground cracks are softening a little and garden foliage is perking up, and nothing stops kikuyu, it has thrived all summer long sending long suckers underneath every nook and cranny.
Our small tomatoes and the Dahlia tubers from Hospice have been great survivors despite the relentless wind and dry heat. Just a little water every few days has kept the tomatoes ripening and also allowed the Dahlias to produce more beautiful blooms to be enjoyed indoors, well away from the wind.

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