Bad back? “Do those things really work?”

“I have a bad back. Do those things really work?”
I drive our company vehicle and it’s boldly sign-written with our Magne-Sleep logo “Making it Better with Magnets”.
I am usually at a gas station chatting with the forecourt attendant when the patter starts. “I have a bit of a bad back. Do those things really work?”
I don’t like to launch into a big sales pitch, it’s probably just pleasant banter to engage the customer, and I appreciate that.Bedding
But I sometimes drive away wondering if our product really is as good as we keep telling people.
I am a fit and active senior, lead a busy life and really only have annoying arthritis in my hands, from years of gardening.  So while I enjoy sleeping on our Magne-Sleep it is my husband who relies on our underlay for his agility and circulation problems.
Last weekend I decided to get “stuck in” to the garden. Winter had taken toll and everything needed a clear-out and clean-up and I wanted to have it done before the rain arrived. That night I crawled into bed very early and very sore. Sleep was easy as it usually is after hard toil!lambswool trio no 1
The next morning it was raining and I felt a bit smug as I surveyed the garden from our kitchen. My husband asked how my aches and pain were after that early exit to bed. I had actually forgotten, I felt fine, back to normal. My right hand was a bit stiff but it often is in the mornings. I wear a Magne-Flex during the day and it helps a lot, but other than that I was fine just the same as any other morning.
So I got to re-thinking my doubts about Magne-Sleep. It actually is working for me and much, much more than I notice and appreciate.
That’s the thing about aches and pain. They are very soon forgotten once reduced or gone, and that’s a very good thing.
Magne-Sleep is all about helping you Bounce Back Better every Day.
Whether it’s aches and pain from hard toil, extreme sport or just busy everyday’s, Magne-Sleep can help you bounce back better so you can do it all again the next day.

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