Biomagnetic therapy – Customer feedback

This is a small selection of comments via letters / emails made to us by our customers over very recent or latter years. They are genuine testimonials and we hold the originals at our office.

“We are thrilled with the underlay. I’m sure it has helped and on Friday I had a session with a cranial osteopath and I have had no pain since and slept very well and I haven’t taken any pain relief at all.” I have referred the underlays to a few friends. Adrienne 24/01/22 

“It’s great, thank you very much. Just on the bed already and now we get at least 3hrs additional sleep. A wonderful product thank you”.
P Bangma 31/03/21

Thanks Mary for your immediate reply. Much appreciate your assistance. You have an awesome customer service & efficient in dealing with your loyal customers. Gerry 06/04/21

“I bought a underlay for my Dad for Father’s Day and he hasn’t had a sore back since he put it on the bed. I also sent your link to a friend of mine so hopefully she will purchase an underlay. Thanks for the great service”. Lisa 18/10/2020.

I just want to thank you so much for the Magnetic Underlay that you sent for Father’s Day, he just phoned me and was over the moon with it and the extra product that you sent also. Fingers crossed he has a much better nights sleep tonight. It was such great customer service and I just wanted to let you know how happy I was. Thanks so much Lisa.  29/08/2020.

Hi there. Some feedback from my experience in 2016.
“Good customer service is rare, but dealing with Body Magnetix has been a pleasure. They went above and beyond to ensure that we had the correct size for a copper bracelet I purchased, even going so far as to send an additional one with a return bag, to guarantee a smooth Christmas morning. In addition the gentleman who received this bracelet has spoken of the reduced pain in his arthritic hands. A highly recommended company.”
Ang. Belmont. Auckland.   11/02/2017

I ordered 2 pillow inserts a month ago and my cat (15years old) loves sleeping on one, and the dog (with painful hip dysplasia) loves to sleep on the other. Our rottweiler is sleeping much more soundly now and he has been moving more pain-free, therefore needing less Tramadol:) Today I tried the Magne-Feet shoe inserts and was amazed how quickly my upper back dimimished !! I have had severe back pain off and on for the past 5 years and wish I had tried a product like this before. My upper back was knotted and tight, despite rubbing in ointment. Literally after only 10 minutes using Magne-Feet the tightness had eased significantly ! I didn’t need a codeine painkiller and was able to go to work pain-free:)     Jo Auckland    13 January 2017

Hi  we got one of your magnetic pet beds a few years ago for our 12year old Lab who has pain and mobility problems. She has been pretty well pain free for ages so we decided to put the magnetic bed away and make more space for the xmas tree. Well, the limp came back and she was struggling to get up so out came her magnetic bed again. Within a couple of days she was back on track but now the xmas tree is starting to wilt.
Thanks again. It was a timely reminder that these things really do work.
The Blyths. Pt Wells North Auckland   28 Dec 2016

I just wanted to thank you again for the pet pad and give you my feedback. My pup is starting to be bouncy like his old self again, he is now running around and getting all excited which is such great progress. Having him sleep on the pad I am able to throw the ball again for him with no signs of any soreness. Such a great product!  Cheers Kyle. Received February 9th 2016

Thanks Mary for quick response. Just to say what a great product you have, has made a huge difference to my knee pain and having great sleeps which can only be due to your product, my wife reckons it’s not bad (which is huge praise) coming from her as she was very sceptical, thanks very much. Chris December 13th 2015

We received our new Magnesleep yesterday. We had been without one for a week as we HAD to throw out our old one which we had purchased at the end of the 90s!!! as it had literally worn thru! Wow! What an improvement! Best nights sleep for a couple of years! Both my husband and I suffer from back pain from years (36) of caring for our paraplegic daughter. Best thing ever invented!! Sally Williams August 5th 2015

My father has used it since then – March 2015 – and tells me he has no pain and has stopped taking his 6 Panadol a day!  He is 87 years old. I am so pleased I discovered your product and purchased it for him.  Marilyn  27 April 2015  (via email Australia).

I have just purchased a Super King Cotton Underlay from you.  While I have suffered back pain in the past the main reason for purchase was because I suffer from restless leg syndrome.  From the very first night it has worked perfectly.  I have been using it for a few weeks now and I have not had any symptoms at all. My sleep has been much better even with the very hot nights we have been experiencing.  In addition, my back has been very good in the mornings with little or no pain. An added bonus is that my wife has also been sleeping much better.  I must say I was a bit skeptical at first… I don’t know how but it has worked for me. Many Thanks. Chris Thomson  05 February 2015 (via email)

Hi,Just like to thank you for the underlay which I purchased in Sept.09. With having an Autistic Son who is awake a lot during the night moving around the house I became a very light sleeper,basicaly laying in wait for Mattie’s next midnight adventure. My wife is a deep sleeper so hears nothing. Since buying the Magne-Sleep. I now go into a deep sleep, usually sleeping through the night without hearing anything coming from Matts’ room. We just clean up the damage in the morning. Also I have arthritis in a kneejoint and lower back I have noticed that some of the stiffness has gone.  A great product you have and I will recommend to anyone that will listen. Many, many thanks.  Mike (via email)

I feel compelled to tell you how brilliant our new magnetic underlay is!  I have had back injuries in the past and also have calcification of the discs between my shoulder blades.  Because of this, I wake up aching and it takes a bit of stretching and manoeuvring to get out of bed.  BUT NO MORE!!  I now spring out of bed in one easy movement! I am recommending Magne-Sleep to EVERYONE.  This is THE best buy I have made in a long time! Dawn, Manukau

We think Gerard from Mangere is happy with his Magnetic Lambswool Pad. He said his sciatica had gone and he wasn’t sure if the Magnets were helping but wasn’t removing it from his truck cab to find out. September 2016

It is my pleasure to endorse your products Jane and I are in our early 50s and two years ago we purchased a Lambswool Magne-Sleep and have been using it ever since.   Jane has been diagnosed with Lupus and has found the Magne-Sleep to greatly enhance the mobility of her joints in the morning and her levels of pain are significantly reduced.Thank you for producing and supplying such good products. Garrick & Jane, North Harbour

Normally when I wake at night I find myself awake and frustrated for the rest of the night.  Unbelievably, my magic Magne-Sleep has changed all that and now I sleep well. Those who have purchased your products swear by them.  Jenny, Kaitaia

I bought a Magne-Sleep last May for some aches and pains I was experiencing, hoping it would help, which it did.  BUT I was blown away to dinf sleeping on the Magne-Sleep took away an “Itchyotic” skin condition that I had suffered for all my 62 years.  I was told I would never be cured BUT Magne-Sleep has!!  I am a new woman, thank you so much Magne-Sleep. Patricia, Wanganui

Sheryll, my wife, said “I don’t think it will work”.  Well, within two days she had better sleep.  The following week, after playing golf twice in a week she said “I don’t like to admit it but I bounce our of bed after Golf the previous day rather than still feeling sore and tired – it’s amazing”.  I get a better sleep and some relief from minor aches.
Early April I shifted my Mother (who’s 84) into her new home.  I decided she might like a Magne-Sleep.  She liked the idea of a wool underlay but was not sure about the magnets.  She agreed to try it – and attached is her email to me which made be laugh. Geoff & Sheryll, Khandallah

Here’s Geoff’s mother’s email:
YES IT WORKS AND really well too.  This morning is the second morning I woke up with absolutely no pain and was able to walk out to make my cup of tea without shuffling.  Went for a good walk today, Happy Hour last evening, visitor this morning, this afternoon Beryll visited for a couple of hours – and I did some washing.  This is a busy life.”

The Magne-Sleep I purchased in September has had a resounding effect on my hip and arm arthritis.  I have never sleep so soundly for about 2 years.  Congratulations. Charles, Blenheim

From using the Magne-Sleep, after the first night I didn’t need my puffer.  I still get breathless (from angina) but not as much and no chest pains.  I could walk to the letterbox and back by the 10th day.
After the 18th night I had no pain in my osteo-arthritis knee during the night.
After the 19th night I had no restless feet.
By the 27th night I was experiencing deeper sleeps and after 40th night the sleeps were really deep.
I still, after 60 nights, have not used a puffer spray and I am extremely happy with this fact.
Mrs P.A.B, Torbay, who kept a detailed diary of her progress.

The doctor had told Merilyn there was nothing wrong with her that they could readily test for.  Her hip pain was constant during the day time and worse at nights.  I would wake sometimes to hear her crying with the pain.  I obtained your product catalogue and searched the internet for articles on magnetic therapy and what I found there read like witchcraft.  Merilyn agreed to try a Magne-Sleep but told me later she didn’t expect much.  The morning after our first sleep on it Merilyn noticed her hip pain was much reduced.  The improvement continued for three days.  To a large extent apart from the occasional twinge she has been pain free from then until now.  Merilyn is convinced the Magne-Sleep has relieved her hip pains. Don & Merilyn, Timaru

We have also had a significant number of comments from people relating to specific medical conditions and other ailments.  These are anecdotal statements only and are not clinically verified, but may be of interest to you:

  • Asthma – reduced use of medication, diminished frequency of attacks.
  • Diabetes – improved circulation in the extremities.
  • Blood Pressure – reduction in medication strength.
  • Snoring – we’ve had many people commenting that their partner’s snoring is greatly reduced  when sleeping on Magne-Sleep
  • Injury – faster recovery from fractures.
  • Arthritis – while arthritis cannot be cured, many Magne-Sleep users tell us they have gained good relief from the pain this condition causes.
  • Insomnia – deeper sleep, easier to get back to sleep when woken