Bounce Back Better Every Day

Magnetic therapy is not just for people who suffer painful conditions like arthritis, old injury or poor circulation.
Magnets can also help repair and restore your body after intense sport or hard physical labour.

By simply resting on a Magne-Sleep each night your body can restore and bounce back so you can do it all again the next day.

Our Magne-Feet magnetic shoe inserts are great for treating muscle stiffness & foot cramps after playing sport or to use all day in work boots.
They will gently stimulate the many nerve endings in the soles of your feet to improve blood flow to the lower legs and feet.
Great also for people who stand for long periods at a time – shop assistants, factory workers, nurses, doctors, golfers, teachers, builders and more…..

You won’t need Magne-Feet when you run or play squash but use directly after sport to treat muscle stiffness & foot cramps.

Magnetic Dots & Plasters are another fast working natural pain relief option for sport or work injury.
These tiny Neodymium Magnets are very powerful and can be used to treat acute pain & inflammation.
They have a lifetime warranty so can be used over & over again.

Winter sport is just around the corner, now’s the time to get resting on a Magne-Sleep and bounce back better to do it all again the next!

Cotton Quilted Magne-Sleep                                     Zip-Off Lambswool Magne-Sleep

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