Why are you buying a Magnetic Underlay?

Most buyers are looking for arthritic or joint pain relief
and better, deeper sleep.
So why take the chance on not getting what you’re looking for?

Buy the cheapest available and you’re buying disappointment. Buy the most expensive and you’re simply paying way too much.
Buy Magne-Sleep and you’re buying into nearly 20 years of knowledge and expertise for a product that will give deep comfort and gentle pain relief for a very long time.
Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t waste your money. Make sure your magnetic underlay is a genuine Magne-Sleep – and rest assured you’re done the best you can for yourself.

                     And here’s why.  It’s mainly about the magnets.                                           Quality, strength, polarity and position.wool cotton products no3

Magnets vary widely in quality, size, shape, and strength and this will determine ideal results.
We use a high quality 23mm x 3mm ceramic strontiuim ferrite disc magnet with a wide surface for good body contact.
We use the same magnets in both our Lambswool and Cotton Quilted Magne-Sleep so you can expect the same results from both underlays. Each magnet has a “surface” strength of approx 1000gauss for good body penetration (approx 10cm), allowing for the deep 300mm inner. The “core” or centre strength of each magnet is approx 3500gauss.
All our magnets are placed in a continuous grid pattern so there are no “gaps” in the magnetic field across the mattress. Each magnet is “fixed” and individually stitched in place to ensure there is no movement or chance of “clumping”.
The all important “North Seeking” or negative side of the magnet is placed uppermost towards the body for the best, more gentle results. This “North Seeking” placement is recommended by international specialists in Magnetic Therapy. The “South Seeking” or positive pole is not suitable for ideal gentle magnetic therapy.
Be wary of  “reversible seasonal” and “alternate Pole” underlays currently on the market. The magnetic inner would need to be “detachable” and “inverted” for correct placement and “alternate pole” is not recommended for ideal, gentle magnetic therapy.

                  We have applied the same quality and detail                                              to the finishing of Magne-Sleep.

Our Pure Cotton Quilted Magne-Sleep has a high thread count cotton quilted cover and the magnetic inner is a deep 300mm for your absolute comfort. The magnetic inner has the same magnets and magnetic structure as our Lambswool Magne-Sleep so you can expect the same great results. The strong elastic corner straps will give a secure mattress fit.

Our 500gsm Lambswool Magne-Sleep is luxurious and has a deep 300mm inner for your absolute comfort. The 4 x corner straps are strong quality and we have added 2 x 50mm wide elastic horiziontal straps to ensure a flat, secure mattress fit.
This zip-off option makes cleaning and refreshing the Lambswool cover so easy and without disturbing the magnetic inner. You simply un-zip the cotton undercover and detach and remove the lambswool cover. Do not wash the Magnetic Inner.
Pure lambswool fibres naturally “move” a little over time, just as 100% woollen clothing does. Each time you launder your Lambswool cover it will “tighten” the fleece and return to its original thick “fluffy” condition.
We aim to bring you the best quality and comfort at a very competitive price so you can enjoy “Better Nights and Better Days” for a long, long time.
You won’t do better than Magne-Sleep.
And, of course, each Magne-Sleep purchase comes with a written 90day Moneyback guarantee.

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