Can Magne-Sleep ease leg cramps and more?

Try Mange-Sleep to ease leg crampsCold winter nights always remind me of how well Magne-Sleep works. Just getting into bed is a nice reminder of the warmth magnets project to the bedding all year round.

Our first Magnetic Underlay was made to seek pain relief for my husband’s arthritis and mobile balance problems. Within a week his arthritis had eased and more remarkable was his improved mobility. Up and down stairs, getting out of bed, chairs and armchairs and 16 years on this continues. My problems were much less debilitating, just annoying calf muscle and foot cramps that had continued after pregnancies. It wasn’t until a customer asked if Magne-Sleep could help with muscle cramps or Restless Leg Syndrome that I realised they were gone.
Occasionally, I feel a little twinge but then nothing more, no leaping from bed and running on the spot for circulation. Doctors, Clinicians and other Medical experts do not seem to know what causes Muscle Cramps and Restless Leg Syndrome. They suggest it could be inadequate blood supply or perhaps a lack of Potassium or Calcium or an underlying health problem. What I do know is Muscle and Foot Cramps no longer get me out of bed in the middle of the night thanks to Magne-Sleep.

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