First Lambswool Magnetic Underlay to the NZ market

In early 2000 we introduced the first Lambswool Magnetic Underlay to the NZ market.

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At that time there was only one company manufacturing Lambswool Sliver knit in New Zealand.

Within 2 years of manufacturing Magne-Sleep that company closed its doors. So we had to look beyond New Zealand for our production. We found only one Lambswool Sliver knit factory in Australia. We made contact and found they made Lambswool sliver knit from a blend of Australian and New Zealand Lambswool. This Lambswool Sliver knit company was based in New South Wales but was sold and is now in Adelaide. We also had ongoing problems in New Zealand with local bedding factories unable to machine sew magnets into bedding materials.


So we needed to look off shore and beyond Australia. Within a few short weeks of intense research we found a solution and our first order was underway. Twenty years later our entire Magne-Sleep range is meticulously made by this same company in China.

We are constantly working with them to tweak and improve our product range. It has evolved into a trusted working relationship with both parties looking to make the best product at an affordable price for the New Zealand market. Occasionally detail can get lost in translation but we both own and rectify any misunderstandings. It really has been that easy.

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For many years Woolmark Certification was very important to us. It was on all our Lambswool products. But each year the Annual Woolmark renewal cost rose steeply and several years ago we stopped renewing Woolmark Certification. Nothing has changed. The product from our manufacturers in China is just the same, if not better. We still receive the same high quality Lambswool product and quality finishing that we had originally specified.

China made our first Zip-Off Lambswool Magnetic Underlay. This simple zip-off option makes cleaning and refreshing the lambswool so very easy and without disturbing the magnetic inner. With input from China, we continue to make this model better and better with subtle tweaking at times to make it even better. If we can see a better way to do or make things then we discuss and tweak. Our Magnetic Magne-Flex Bracelets come from the same company as do our Magnetic Dots and Plasters. Both are high performers for pain relief and swollen joints.

This year we trialed natural health products from China and have now added some to our range. Our Pure Mulberry Silk blended Pillow has been trialed for 6 months. It is an excellent alternative to the firm heavy pillows currently on the market.
Our Policy is to bring you the best quality at the best price.

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