Don’t sell yourself short

For more than 20 years our Magne-Sleep Magnetic Underlays has been a big part of Kiwi life. You may have heard about us on radio or seen us on television. You may sleep on a Magne-Sleep or know someone who does.  Our constant emphasis on best quality and best value magnetic therapy has seen Magne-Sleep widely accepted in New Zealand as a natural pain relief option that works in so many ways for so many people. 

Unfortunately, in recent times the local market has seen low-cost, poor quality “look a likes” come along and offer you products that are, quite simply, not Magne-Sleep.
The reality is, not all products are the same and buying “cheap” often leads to disappointment.

If you suffer aches & pain, poor sleep, cold feet, muscle cramps or restless legs and are looking to purchase a Magnetic Underlay then do it right.
Do your homework and don’t sell yourself short.
If 50% off the “normal” price is every week you can assume the “normal” price is inflated.
If the Lambswool is marketed as “Pure New Zealand Wool” fact check.
If the bedding covers are polyester they won’t give cool restful sleep.
If the magnets are weak and few & far between results will disappoint.
If you are considering a reversible Summer/Winter Option – read FAQ
If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

So do your homework and get it right the first time. Magne-Sleep – Pure Lambswool or Pure Cotton Quilted – are deeply cushioned for your absolute comfort with quality materials and quality workmanship. Quite simply they are made to bring you relaxing, refreshing sleep all night every night.
SuperGold card holders look for this box on each product page for your 10% discount. The Garden
It’s been too wet or too cold to work in the garden so apart from the occasional need to re-stake plants I have been busy stock piling new plants and seedlings. My latest obsession is sourcing herbs and perennials beyond the usual lavender, rosemary, parsley, mint and chives. During covid lockdown I found a short video about a little gated walkway in Dublin where residents transformed their shared walkway into a beautiful meeting place. And that’s when I got excited again about using more perennials and finding different herbs. After some fruitless trekking I finally found my “must have” Lemon Balm (see video) at Tumbleweed Garden Centre Matakana North Auckland. Tumbleweed have great selection of healthy good sized herbs and perennials plus a great range of exotic plants & garden accessories. It really is worth a visit. I even came home with some catnip – a great stress reliever for cats – and we don’t have a cat!
Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family and has many healing properties. It is an upright fast growing perennial so a large pot is best. Lemon Balm has a high level of citronella and attracts bees but repels bugs and mosquitoes. And it makes a lovely refreshing drink.

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