Feeling Happy About The Year To Come

Welcome to 2022!  We hope you’re enjoying time, as we are, with family and friends and sharing the wonderful outdoors.  It’s nice to tuck 2021 behind us and look forward to a not-too-shambolic return to normality in our personal and business lives.

The dramatically beautiful Mokohinau Islands that we glimpse on the horizon on clear days

We’re incredibly lucky to live in a beautiful part of rural New Zealand with stunning views out to sea – to the Hen and Chicken Islands, the Mokohinaus on the horizon, the sheer cliffs of Hauturu (Little Barrier) and the low backdrop of Great Barrier and the Coromandel – and then west across rolling farmland to spectacular sunsets that we never tire of enthusing over.  A constant backdrop to all this natural wonder is the gentle bleating of sheep, like complaining old men grumbling about all things wrong in the world as they meander across the hillsides.

Sheep, despite their grumbling, are amazingly resilient creatures, shrugging off all kinds of weather and putting up with the constant movement from paddock to paddock at the bidding our hard-working farmer neighbour.  No doubt their woollen overcoats give them special comfort and security through the heat and cold of changing seasons.  We get the occasional enquiring glance from them as we walk up the road but mostly they just keep on stoically grazing and growing their wonderful woolly coats for the next shearing season.  They’re a constant reminder of wool’s amazing abilities that transfer so brilliantly to our Magne-Sleep pure lambswool magnetic underlays.

It’s almost 20 years since we made our first woolfleece-covered Magne-Sleep and since then we’ve sold many thousands of them to very happy purchasers all around New Zealand and overseas.  We were the first in New Zealand to make woollen magnetic underlays and we’ve always set the standard for quality and advanced design.  Our first commitment was to using only the very best wool, along with high-quality magnets that we carefully place across the sleeping area to give you the most effective magnetic pain relief and improved sleep patterns.  Then, as the inevitable cheaper, lower quality imitations came on the market we added further refinements to make sure that Magne-Sleep was always your best choice for quality and value.

One very significant innovation we have made in recent years is the easy-care of our Lambswool Magne-Sleep. Lambswool Magne-Sleep is now fully detachable which means you can now remove & refresh the lambswool cover as often as you wish – and without disturbing that important magnetic inner. Simply un-zip the cotton undercover, undo the 8 x ties and remove the Lambswool cover. Machine wash or dry-clean the Lambswool cover. You will be delighted with the results! Do not wash nor dry clean the magnetic inner.
Quality, value and innovation have made Magne-Sleep New Zealand’s most trusted magnetic underlay over the past two decades.

While many purchasers choose our Cotton Quilted Magne-Sleep magnetic underlays for Summer, the reality is that the woollen version is delightfully cool to sleep on on hot Summer nights as well as being wonderfully warm in Winter.  The choice is yours – and both are excellent!

Managing The Menagerie
Catching up with family across the now-removed Covid border has meant a bit of juggling for our animals.  Benny, the world’s happiest grumpy cat, spent 4 nights at nearby Wandering Willows (highly recommended for cats and dogs) and came home full of new self-importance as he is very well looked after there.  In the meantime, we organised an ingenious feeding/watering system for the hens that kept them happy and laying while we were away.  They were Benny’s first port of call when he arrived home – he considers it his duty to keep a protective eye on them while they pretty much just ignore his attentions.

Timid Pippits love when the lawn is freshly mowed

We also enjoy the increasing birdlife (our home sits on a ridge and the birds enjoy swooping through the rising air currents) as tui, piwakawaka, blue herons, pheasants, quail, the inevitable aggressive mynahs, rainbow lorrikeets, swallows, magpies, falcons, ducks, Canadian geese, pippits, doves and so many other species fill the skies every day and peck for food in the long and short grass.  We’ve even had the odd wild turkey camp on our front terrace, and a morepork perched in a close-by tree a few nights ago, delighting us with his/her gentle calling.

After living in a rural setting for so long it’s hard to imagine living in more built-up surroundings.  There are a large number of new homes spreading across the surrounding hills but it will be many years before they’ll be close enough to bother us.

Supply Chain Issues
We all become aware of this problem when we visit the supermarket – empty shelves, brands no longer available, higher prices – and it seems this scenario might be with us for some time.  We’re very fortunate that our suppliers have been able to keep us well stocked with raw and finished materials so we’ve been able to avoid any prolonged out-of-stock situations.

Often you can be attempted to take shortcuts in times like these, lower your standards and go for cheaper materials and manufacturing qualities.  However, we believe that to do this sort of thing would mean lower customer satisfaction and damage to our reputation as New Zealand’s most trusted manufacturer and marketer of magnetic health products.  We want to be the best and provide you with the best product.  Our advice is to shop around, but beware of cheap prices because they mean just one thing – cheap quality that won’t deliver, won’t last, won’t make you happy.

Enjoy the lazy, hazy days of Summer and get as much out of life as you can in these strange times.  Keep a cool head when things seem to get too hard to handle.
And speaking of cool heads, our luxurious
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these hot and humid nights.
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