For your own sake, be Selfish.

Even now, having achieved our Covid19 Level 1 lock down with people starting to mix and mingle freely around the country, I still have a feeling that this may not yet be over.

Certainly, our team of 5 million has done a brilliant job of following health guidelines. And it now seems Covid-19 virus has been all but eliminated here in New Zealand. That’s an achievement we can all celebrate.  But many people have suffered – either through infection by the virus or through the loss of a family member – and many lives will never be the same again.
So while we embrace our new social freedoms and enjoy mixing with family and friends again, we need to keep an eye on our own well being.
Be a little selfish – don’t go places where you feel uncomfortable or at risk.

Keep practicing suitable social distancing.
Keep wearing a mask if it makes you feel safer.
And keep washing your hands

Most importantly of all – look after your mental health. Sometimes this means saying “no” to people, even close family and friends, when you’re invited into a situation that you’re not comfortable with.

Our daughters are now back to full-time work and it’s interesting to hear that working from home on some work days is now more normal than not.
Companies are recognizing that work gets done just the same; often faster and better, communication is easy, offices are quieter and employer/employee trust is very healthy.
And it’s not just adults who have experienced a change.
Our grandchildren have now lived the importance of following rules for life-protecting reasons. And they have developed a keener awareness of others beyond themselves that will stand them in good stead into adulthood.

The ability to make these changes is, in many ways, thanks to social media.
We have all learned to live differently. Now we instinctively give those around us more space, we are comfortable wearing or seeing others wear masks and are more likely to wash our hands properly, rather than a quick cold rinse. Social Media has also enabled us to keep in constant contact with people who are important to us. And we can keep up with what’s happening around the world as other countries recover or cope with the virus.

The Garden
For many months we enjoyed the hottest driest summer that I can long recall.
This summer before and beyond lock down we have weeded and pruned every bit of growth in the garden just to enjoy being outdoors every day. Unfortunately, beautiful dry days also meant very little rain went into our water tanks so we and our garden had to compromise our ablutions.
Our very old large potted conifer gave up the fight and turned brown and crisp almost overnight. And to make matters worse I broke a chunk off the big pot trying to remove old mangled roots.
So my first priority after lock down was to buy a new plant for the broken pot. Fixing the gaping hole could wait. On the way back from a trip to Whangarei I called into the Waipu Garden Centre and there she was! My very old favourite hibiscus “Molly Cummings”. She has the most beautiful black/red velvet-like single flower that will take your breathe away. I have potted her into a smaller pot that sits inside the broken terracotta pot so now I need to patch the broken outer.
A very helpful young man at Mitre 10 listened to my pot problem and said ” no worries I reckon this will do the trick” and plonked a couple of items in my trolley.
I skimmed over the instructions, as I tend to do, and it seems doable.
So within a month I hope to have mastered liquid nails and my terracotta pot will be whole again in time for my next post.

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