Getting Ready for Winter

I love May, blue skies, warm days, beautiful leaves with just a chill at night and early morning, making it easy to forget winter is just a few short weeks away.
So head out-doors and make more hay while you can!

Forage for pine cones before they get waterlogged. Not only do they look and smell good but they make a great winter indoor setting, fireplace or not. Pine needles make great soft compost, and a light coverage will also give protection to frost tender plants. Enjoy the remains of warm-sand beach walks and collect drift wood and shells for winter crafting.
Shake out the winter bedding and refresh woollens while the sun is still warm and the air still dry. And, it’s not too late to refresh your Magne-Sleep! See easy clean¬† Lambswool¬† or Cotton Quilted clean.
And don’t forget to fit your electric blanket underneath Magne-Sleep. Set your blanket on high for a couple of hours each week to keep your mattress nice and dry and Magne-Sleep will take care of your rest.
Start thinking Winter Soups Again:

One of our family favourites is “Pea and Ham”.
Here’s what you need:
One cooked ham bone – about $6.00 – from your local supermarket deli. One pkt of split dried green peas (soak overnight).
Place ham bone and strained peas in a large pot and add: 1 x lge chopped onion, 4 x diced potatoes, 4 x diced carrots. Cover with water, add salt & white pepper and slow cook several hours. Remove ham bone, discard fat and bone. Return ham pieces to the pot, reheat and enjoy.

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