Getting what you hope for but not what you need

I love summer. I get to spend long hours outside toiling away in my small garden then at the end of each day ticking off my “I really want to do” list. But not this summer.
Relentless wind and sun heat, more intense than I can ever recall, have driven me indoors.

The land around us is tinder dry and weary farm stock are lying under any cool shade they can find. But it’s not just intense heat: relentless westerlies have never given up and decent rain has never arrived.
We live just out from a small country township and we depend on rain for all our water. For many weeks now water trucks have been delivering water along our dusty unsealed road every day all day, and into the night.
And with no rain on the radar they are now fully booked until mid March. Even a day of rain would be very nice but we all know when it starts it often doesn’t stop. Just like the continuing deluge in Aussie and the huge rains down South.
Our family of three girls have long grown and gone but I still well remember what a nag I could be when it came to water, and we were on mains supply!
More often than not they didn’t “need” a shower as they “had one yesterday” or they would shower twice daily and long enough for wallpaper to start peeling from the bathroom walls.
Two of our daughters are reliant on tank water and they now have teenagers.
And life with teenagers is still much the same.
Showering is still random it can be twice a day or skip a few. Parents still bang on locked bathroom doors demanding water be turned on or off and communication, a bit like the shower, can be more than you asked for or none at all.
But I think they are much more engaged parents than we were. They both work full time and spend many more hours in the car ferrying teenagers to sport or part time jobs, than I did.
And they don’t sweat the small stuff. If they need water they order more and unlike me, they do it well in advance.

Generally we tend to sell more Zip-Off Pure Lambswool underlays during the winter months with Pure Cotton Quilted more popular during the hot summer months.
But this summer the weather patterns have been more definitive with the South Island cold and wet and the North feeling extreme heat day and night.
More Zip-Off Lambswool have headed South and our Blended Pure Mulberry Silk Pillows have (all sold out) been delivered to the upper North Island.

The Garden
I have forgone my daily showers for alternate days so my plants can be watered a little more and so far I’m keeping things alive!
We are still picking tomatoes and basil daily but the basil is starting to wilt. So I am going to have another go at Basil Pesto but this time with a much bigger pestle and mortar set.
It always amazes me that a little mulch around the base of plants can do so much to protect them from the elements. My “Hospice shop” find Dahlia tubers are flowering, a bit frail, but I think tough enough to settle in for more seasons.

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