Going against the Grain at Magne-Sleep

On-line shopping has dramatically changed
the way we research and source things we are looking to buy.

It can be anything from a nice new home to finding a replacement knob for a broken door.
Whatever it is we are seeking, the priority is usually getting the best quality for the best price.

If you are looking for homewares, clothing and footwear there will be multi-seasonal stock changes and multi-seasonal sales. What you purchase this week will be on sale next week. If you are prepared to wait a week or two the price drop will be 30% – 80% off the regular ticket price.
So how does that work?  How do businesses return a profit?
Build that regular bottom line into an over-inflated full retail price.

When we re-structured our company 10 years ago we drastically trimmed our outgoings and overheads. This allowed us to continue making product to a very high quality and at the same time maintain a very competitive price.
Despite some local freight increases, our pricing has not moved much in those 10 years and some items we have been able to adjust down. But this also means we no longer have the flexibility to heavily discount product in order to attract buyers seeking the “cheapest” price.

We have a long term commitment to Superannuiants with 10% discount off our entire product range. And we run weekly “specials  with purchase” so customers can try a new product.

The Magnetic Therapy market in New Zealand has reached almost saturation point and potential buyers are very often attracted to the “lowest” price.
But they can be very quickly disappointed when the product does not deliver the quality nor the therapeutic results they hoped for.

Our potential customers are people looking for a great quality product at a very affordable price. A product that provides detailed information before purchase and comes with a written 3 month satisfaction warranty. We pride ourselves on being able to answer most questions and if we don’t have the answer we try and find it.

For those wanting detailed information our Healing with Magnets Booklet on the “Media” page is certainly full with detail!

So rest assured, you can take time to consider your Magne-Sleep purchase as our pricing is staying put for a while!

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