Happy New Year From Magne-Sleep

A decent start to Summer can often bring us new energy and the promise of fresh hope for the coming new year.
And this summer, in our neck of the woods, it has been an ongoing feel-good factor, despite the little hic-cup over Christmas.
Hot sunny days, stunningly beautiful sunsets and with each sunrise the promise of more of the same to follow.

It was our “turn” to host Christmas this year.
All our extended family were able to come, which can be hard to plan, so for me the anticipation and preparation was extreme.
I made list upon list then baked, cleaned, polished, refurbished and shuffled furniture for weeks on end and loved the whole process. But I was also very careful not to share too much detail with the family, in case they changed the venue.

Christmas day did bring our little hiccup with a sudden weather change, but we just packed away the sun shade, uplifted the outdoor table and reset it all again indoors.

As this new year gets underway many holiday makers will be reluctantly heading home and back to work but they can be well satisfied and not feel cheated nor disappointed by the weather gods this time.

In a similar way Body Magnetix looks to make sure you are not disappointed nor let down by us or our products. We certainly can’t control the weather but we make every effort to control important factors like quality and cost.
For over 20 years our policy has been high quality natural materials, high quality workmanship and, as a small family operated business, keeping margins tight.
Good quality magnets have a very long life 15 – 20 years so it makes sense to use quality materials that will last as long as the magnets do.
But we still live in a rapid turnover society that often buys cheap over better which leads to disappointment sooner than later.
Let’s leave a lighter footprint by buying less often & buying the best.

On the garden front this amazing weather has not been kind to my Rosemary hedge. Our water tanks are low so watering is sporadic and they are fading fast. I may try a new lot of cuttings with theĀ  hormone powder in the Autumn.
And the wind has been no friend either!
Only 4 of 20 Giant Sunflower seeds survived, but I do have a huge supply of seeds for next time!

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