How to Enjoy a Dose of Spring Fever

September is more “silly” season for me than December.
At the first hint of warmth and less rain I head outdoors even if the garden is still a bog.
I then spend the day churning up soil, creating mess and chaos, dodging showers and treading mud all through the house.
I know it’s silly but I am impatient to be outside, so it happens every Spring!

But the best thing about Spring is every day brings more daylight.
Mornings are still cold and the ground still sodden but the sun keeps rising a little earlier and evenings start to draw out. And, of course, when daylight savings starts at the end of September we all get another hour to enjoy the great outdoors.
This Spring my first outdoor project was to try and grow a plant from a cutting using plant hormone powder.
I decided on a Rosemary hedge. It has a woody stem that may help, is quite hardy, attracts bees, smells great, and is very useful in the kitchen. Lucky for me our daughter has a large upright Rosemary bush so I gave her plant a very healthy trim for the cuttings!
I then stripped some foliage off the stems and dipped the cut ends into the plant hormone powder. Because our soil is still very damp and heavy I decided to push the cuttings directly into the ground forming a hedge line.
It was that easy!
If this experiment works I’ll try different plant cuttings and long term this could be a very cost-effective way of growing my garden. Next newsletter I hope to have a pic of a Rosemary hedge on the grow.
Plant Hormone powder cost $8.00 from Mitre10.

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