I Get Emotional About Rollercoasters

Ever since I was very young I’ve hated rollercoasters.  The last time I rode one was many years ago and I swore I’d never do it again – it just made me almost physically sick and quite emotional, much to the amusement of my fearless young daughters.

And now we’re all stuck on a giant rollercoaster with so many highs and lows as Covid continues to impact on our lives. It’s a frightening time and I find my emotions running hot and cold as we look forward to hopefully being able to re-unite with our family for Christmas.

I just want to get off this scary ride and get back to some sort of normalcy.  Forget the politics, forget the blaming and the shaming – just let us have our lives back.

I’m with you there, Liam!

The one consolation is my ability to get a good night’s sleep on my Magne-Sleep.  It helps ease my anxiety, along with my stiff muscles that come from frenetic days spent in the garden trying to keep my mind off things.  I really appreciate how it gives me the ability to bounce back from all this stress and get through the next day.

We all know a good sleep is vital to staying on top of things and we’ve had so much positive feedback from our customers over the 20+ years we’ve been making and marketing New Zealand’s best quality, best value magnetic underlay.

Good news is no longer just over the horizon – it’s here!

We’ve been low on stock for some time as Covid has disrupted supply lines of materials around the world.  But at last we’ve managed to get our stock levels back to where they need to be, just in time for Christmas.  It’s been frustrating not being able to always meet demand and we’re delighted to open our warehouse doors and see the rows of stock ready to be sent to customers all over New Zealand.  So if you’re one of the many who’ve been waiting so patiently (and we thank you for your understanding), get onto our website and place your order.

Christmas delivery times, we hope, we won’t be too bad.  It’s a little out of our control but we’ll do our very best to get your order to you with maximum speed.  Just a week or so back we sent a Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay to a customer in Tasmania and it arrived at their door just 4 days after they ordered it, much to their delight.  We try and dispatch the same day we receive your order – and remember, freight is free to anywhere in New Zealand.

We won’t pull the wool over your eyes

Competition is great but we do get a little disappointed when we see some marketers making claims for their products that are, at best, a bit dubious.  As the first company to make magnetic underlays with a woollen cover in New Zealand we’ve always placed huge emphasis on communicating the qualities of the wool we use for Magne-Sleep.  Our knowledge of how magnetic therapy works has enabled us to use the optimum thickness and density of wool so you get the best results and the best value.

Sadly, some marketers take a different approach and make claims and statements that, we believe, just don’t quite stack up.  Before you buy we suggest that you read all you can, ask all the questions you can – we’re always here to take your calls and respond to your emails – and make sure you get clear and honest answers.

We know Magne-Sleep is not the cheapest magnetic underlay out there  – we don’t do “cheap” because we don’t see any value in that for you.  Also, we’re far from being the most expensive, even though we believe ours is the best made product you can buy in New Zealand.  We’re very proud of our reputation for quality, value and genuinely honest customer service.  Don’t settle for less, you deserve the best!


The Dilemma of Christmas Lists and Gifts

Probably just like you, I’m making my list of who’s naughty or nice and what I can get them for Christmas.  It’s an exciting time and very challenging as I try to balance things across the family.  I’m always looking for stocking fillers that don’t cost a lot but will me much appreciated by the recipient.  If you’re doing that, take a look at our list of products over and above our best-selling Magne-Sleep magnetic underlays: Magne-Feet and Magne-Dots; Magne-Pads for your pillows and also for your much-loved Pets; magnetic hair brushes; the outstanding range of Fully hair thickening products; our luxurious Pure Mulberry Silk pillows …   These are all excellent products – and excellent value – just right as small, expensive gifts for young and old.


All Our Eggs in One Overflowing Basket

Since we, finally, got our rescue hens housed in a fairly weatherproof house with a nice shady free-range area we’ve been enjoying a regular supply of eggs.  In fact, the supply is so regular that we just can’t keep up – each morning I found yet another batch of newly-laid globes of glory that I enjoy scrambled, poached, made into fluffy omelettes, cakes or biscuits.

They just keep coming!

But however many we use, we also seem to have extra eggs piling up in the basket.  Rather than see them go to waste I’ve been taking them down to the local community stand so that some family in need can enjoy some healthy goodness.

The whole process is very satisfying and quite fascinating to watch – especially for our cat Benny who loves to keep an eye on things as the hens scratch around.  The hens seem very happy and healthy and now all I have to do is fight the urge to get more of them!


We hope your Christmas is wonderfully rich in love, generosity and good times!  Enjoy every moment, and look forward to a New and Better Year to come!

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