It’s not coming off the bed!

Magnetic underlays are no cure-all for all your aches & pain nor are they a promise of all-night every-night sleep.
But after 20 years of resting on our Magne-Sleep it’s not coming off our bed!

Yes, there are nights when I toss and turn, especially if something is on my mind and yes, there are times when I feel stiff and sore, especially after gardening all day. But I also know Magne-Sleep is still giving me much better nights and much better days because I can still do it all again the next day.
Just over 20 years ago my husband’s lack of body balance required him to sit bedside awhile before standing and moving. Now 20 years later his easy mobility each morning is another reminder that Magne-Sleep is still working very well for us both.

And it’s not just humans who enjoy great benefits from Magnetic Therapy.

We are steadily growing our range of Magnetic Pet Beds for your rough & tumble dogs or individual baskets for little and not so little moggies.

The Equine community also uses magnets.
Tiny powerful Neodymium Magnets just like our ones, are used by the Equine Industry to help horses recover from injury and inflammation. Just as in humans magnets improve blood flow to areas of pain and inflammation and this promotes healing and speeds up the recovery process.


After my giant sunflower disaster last year I replanted part of the nature strip with just one packet of McGregors Cottage garden mix.
And just look at the results! And they just keep on reseeding and regenerating!
I plan to clear more of the strip and plant more seeds.
If anyone would like dried giant sunflower seeds I have them in abundance!


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