It’s Our Good Luck To Be Here

It’s Our Good Luck To Be Here

Having a chat over a coffee with two of our three daughters (the other one lives in Melbourne and we have to rely on video calls to keep up with her life) we talked about how lucky we are.  In a time when so much of the world is suffering terribly, with Covid-19 just one of many problems along with wars, famine and dramatic weather events, we live in a truly wonderful part of the world.  We’re lucky our isolated location and the fact that we are an island nation has kept the virus pretty much at bay, we’re lucky that we can go about our day-to-day lives without much disruption, we’re lucky that we live in a country that doesn’t seem to suffer from the greatly divided beliefs that are disrupting so many other countries around the world.

But being lucky doesn’t always make life perfect and we all have stresses in our life, some mental and some physical.  It’s important we know how to take the pressure off when it all gets to be a little too much or when pain levels get beyond the bearable.   It can be something as simple as coffee with family or friends or so complex that professional or medical help is required to help us get through.  And we’re very lucky that, here in New Zealand, we have so many options and so much freedom of choice open to us all.

Right now we’re enjoying the warmer days and the opportunity they give us to enjoy walks on our magnificent local beach or along the rural roads where the sheep bleat at us and farm dogs bark while wagging their tails frantically.  We love being in a rural community where there’s so much space yet quick and easy access – without traffic jams – to every service we need.   When Winter comes – and hopefully not too soon – we’ll enjoy the drama of stormy skies and remind ourselves again and again just how lucky we are.  Life is good!

For more than 20 years we’ve helped a lot of people enjoy a better quality of life thanks to the gentle therapy that Magne-Sleep can provide.  Some of the stories we get from Magne-Sleep users are really heart-warming as they tell of us how they are able to sleep better and get more out of each day.  These are genuine stories and come to us, unprompted, from people who truly believe that a Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay has been a real benefit to them.

We know there’s no one answer to every problem and we’ve certainly never claimed to offer cures.  We say – and believe – that a Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay can help ease your aches and pains, can help you sleep better and wake to enjoy a better day.  There’s a heap of information on our website about magnetic therapy and it’s well worth reading through when you’re interested to learn how something so gentle and natural can benefit you.

As the years have passed and our business has evolved we’ve added quite a few new products that are complementary to Magne-Sleep in the ways they can help make life better for so many people.  Relatively new and very popular are our Pure Mulberry Silk and Lambswool Pillows that we’ve sourced after a prolonged search for a quality manufacturer and a reliable supply chain.  The combination of Mulberry Silk and Lambswool creates a luxurious pillow that supports your head so comfortably while you sleep.   Another product – and I admit this seems like a bit of an odd one at first glance – is our range of Fully Natural Organic Hair Thickener and Organic Hair Care products We sourced Fully after we heard from a number of people looking for help with hair loss – a much more common condition than you’d think among both men and women – and we’ve quickly built a strong and loyal base of users.

We feel very grateful to be involved with all these products and to know we’ve been able to help so many people get relief from so many different problems.   We work hard to bring you the best products at the best prices – and as the saying goes “the harder you work the luckier you get”.

The garden
Where we live in the far north of the North Island our summer has been very much a repeat of the last one when Covid19 arrived. And once again with little rain through winter and nothing much over summer the farmland around us is tinder dry again. Only this time we have the added force of relentless cool, dry, westerlies. Our water tank levels continue to drop but the conserving habits we developed last summer are now serving us well. This time around we have let the garden fend more for it’s self and ignored the thick yellow dust from our unsealed road that coats the house and garden. It’s not that we have given up but more that we have sorted what’s important and what’s not.
And time out of the garden has had some benefits. My broken terracotta pot from last summer is now successfully repaired and ready for a Port wine Magnolia when the rain finally returns.
And the liquid nails repair kit worked very well just as the very helpful Mitre10 assistant said it would!




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