Staying Safe & Secure When Shopping Online.

If you are new to Online shopping you may feel a little apprehensive about purchasing goods with your credit card or with your bank account.
But there are a couple of very simple things you can do to ensure your Online experience will be secure, safe, and successful.

Each time you visit any website make a habit of checking the long address bar at the top and look for the secure small green padlock symbol with the website address https:// The “s” stands for secure legally incorporated company – (EV) certificate.
Now you can relax and go browsing in a safe secure environment!

Online shopping has created a new and exciting dimension as to how we seek and purchase things we want or need. Internet search engines have taken our shopping horizons to any country anywhere in the world, and all from the comfort of an armchair.
Because you, the customer, can’t physically see or touch merchandise it is very important that product information is clear and concise. This avoids customer disappointment and builds confidence for future online shopping.
At Magne-Sleep all our product range is described in detail so you can have a good understanding of how each product will look, feel, and work. We also use close-up photos so you can see the inside of products as well as the outside, especially important with our magnetic bedding.
Specials Deals: At Magne-Sleep we have a permanent 10% discount on all product for SuperGold Card holders. A simple click on the Supergold card box, as below, takes you to the 10% discount page. Then enter your 9 digit SuperGold card customer number at checkout.
Terms & Conditions are important, so make sure you read them.
Terms & Conditions advise the buyer of their rights and obligations with regard to returning faulty product, product care, and product variation from website promise.
Delivery Charges can be a nasty surprise and the cost can vary hugely irrespective of weight and size. All Magne-Sleep products are tracked & traced door to door and there is no delivery charge, including our rather bulky Magnetic Underlays.
When you place an order with Magne-Sleep payment options are safe and secure. PayPal is a secure online payment option for credit cards & Polipay is a secure payment option for bank account transactions. You can also direct credit to our bank account if you wish.


A well informed customer will always make for a better shopping experience and that is very important to us at Magne-Sleep.
And, of course, if you have any questions or prefer to order away from our website just freephone 0800 766 737 anytime.


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