Looking after the essential You

We are now well adjusted to lock down and adapting more and more each day to life with the bare essentials. Defining what exactly is “essential” hasn’t been easy – but there is one essential that none of us can afford to neglect. That’s the essential need to look after ourselves.

We all suffer stress, anxiety and feelings of frustration when we are separated from our loved ones. So it’s vitally important we take proper care of ourselves – day and night.
Many of us will be struggling to get a good night’s sleep as we toss and turn, worrying about what’s going on beyond our own little bubble.  And the less sleep we get the more our problems become magnified and our emotions can overwhelm us.
Sleeping well depends on a whole host of things and there are many ways to try and ease the problem. Relaxation and breathing exercises; all kinds of therapies; medical treatments; everyone will offer you the “perfect” solution that often just doesn’t work for you.
Here at Magne-Sleep we have never been comfortable with extreme claims made by some companies and individuals but we do believe a Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay can help you sleep better, deeper and longer each night. And a good sleep means we can cope better during the day. We don’t promise miracles but we are pleased to know we are helping thousands of Kiwis get a decent night’s sleep in these troubled times.

Because we are a home-based business you can contact us anytime.
Call us 09 431 5236 or email us [email protected] with your questions or browse through our website www.painfreeday.co.nz.
You may also find our recent post Always do your Homework  very helpful if you are researching and considering the purchase of a Magnetic Underlay.

We use NZ Parcel Post for all our local NZ deliveries.
And delivery from us to you is free anywhere in New Zealand.
This delivery service is door to door – no signature required – which means if you are not home or unable to answer the door your goods will be left somewhere safe on your property.
Delivery can be to a New Zealand Postal Box number or a physical address – private or business – and, of course, we do Rural Delivery.
We now have the green light to process and package goods for delivery.
So do your homework, compare us for quality & pricing and get sleeping on a Magne-Sleep to enjoy “much better nights and much better days“.

Remember – these times are all about you.  Think of yourself, look after yourself, keep to yourself within your own bubble. And stay in regular contact with your family and friends through phone calls and social media. If we follow the rules do this well and stay in our bubbles we’ll help minimise the impact of Covid-19.

Do the essentials – and look after the essential You.

The Garden
These are the times when tending a patch of garden or caring for well loved pot plants can take our minds off things we can’t control outside of our bubble. We can clear out tired summer growth or plan a new garden or we can re-pot or feed plant pots in readiness for the next season.
So every dry sunny day – we are still in drought – I head outside for as long as my body will allow. And my Dahlia vase is still being refilled each week just a sprinkle of misty rain is all they require. There are 3 rescue roosters living next door to us and they visit our garden each day scratching up all in my wake.
But I enjoy their company and as they start to enjoy their new safe home they are practicing  “how to crow again” and at this point, I am enjoying that too.

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