Is My Magne-Sleep Still Working?

Every so often a customer will contact us concerned that Magne-Sleep is not working as well as it did or should be. There are several factors that can affect how Magne-Sleep is performing for you.

New health issues can sometimes impact on your pain threshold and keep you awake longer than usual, even when you are resting on Magne-Sleep. New or different medication can also have an adverse affect on your sleep patterns.
If you are not using our little Magnetic Pillow Pad  with your pillow, we recommend you do.
Just place the magnetic pad inside your Pillow case (as below) and you will be surprised at how soothing and effective it can be. The gentle therapy will encourage deeper, more restful, sleep and can also help relieve shoulder and neck pain. It has the same large magnets (12) as in our underlays and the cover is Pure Cotton for ideal, cool, sleep.

Another factor to consider is the age of your Magne-Sleep. Magnets loose strength over a period of time and good results can start to diminish. If your Magne-Sleep is more than 10 years old the magnets will be loosing strength and good magnet penetration will be reduced and affect results. Then it is probably time to consider a replacement. Both our Cotton Quilted & Zip-Off Lambswool Magne-Sleep have the same magnetic structure so either finish will bring the same great results.
Another reason you may feel Magne-Sleep is not working as before, is simply that once pain and discomfit are reduced or removed we tend to forget how it was before. When we are unwell or over tired we can still have nights when we struggle to rest well.
Removing Magne-Sleep from your bed for several weeks is also a good option to give your body a “break” from magnetic therapy. This can also serve as a reminder as to how well your Magne-Sleep was working. And when those painful muscle cramps or restless legs start disturbing your sleep you will be keen to have Magne-Sleep back in place, making things better again and again.

“It is the daily “Bounce Back” from exercise or hard work that reminds us how much Magne-Sleep is helping”. 

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