Magnetic Therapy is not a cure all.

The power of the magnet is one of the most basic powers in nature.
Magnetic Healing is nothing new and dates back thousands of years described by Eastern belief that the life force, termed “qi” is generated by the earth’s magnetic field.
Today Magnetic Therapy is well established and is used worldwide by Medical experts and other health practitioners to treat a wide range of health ailments.
But Magnetic Therapy is not a cure-all and it will not cure Arthritis.
Many of our customers suffer some form of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, with severe joint pain and inflammation. We cannot promise a cure-all for arthritis but we do know that sleeping on a Magne-Sleep can significantly improve blood circulation, reduce pain and inflammation so you enjoy a much better, more active, life.
How can magnets help?
Magnets project warmth to the body allowing blood vessels to dilate and deliver better blood flow to your body extremeties and to places of injury or disease. This helps bring in your body’s natural healers that will also remove toxins, the byproduct of inflammation.
If you are taking medication improved blood flow will speed up the delivery of medication to areas of inflammation and disease.
When resting on a Magne-Sleep you should sleep better, deeper, and longer.
Painful movement like “turning over” or getting “in and out” of bed becomes that much easier with less pain and more flexibility.
You may also find you can reduce pain relief medication and that your mobility is much improved during the day as well.
Use Magnetic Therapy for Every Day Bounce Back!
Magnetic Therapy is also ideal for people recovering from surgery or injury and for those who suffer pain from hard physical work or extreme sport on a daily basis.
Resting on a Magne-Sleep each night will speed up recovery, restore aching muscles and tired sore joints so you can do it all again the next day!









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