Magnets & Natural Remedies Work Better.

I don’t know about you
but this year I am hanging out for Christmas
much more than I normally do.

But normal isn’t normal in this world anymore and I am very ready for my normal, well away from Trump and Brexit and other unpredictables.
In a just a couple of short weeks, we get to spend time with our families, enjoy old traditions and old customs and take respite from things we can’t change nor understand.
Old traditions and old customs are not only comforting but very often have the ability to heal our bodies and soothe our souls.
Magnetic therapy and natural herbal remedies are very old healing traditions that make an ideal partnership for our better natural health.
Magnetic therapy works by placing magnets close to the skin to create warmth, help dilate blood vessels and thus improve blood flow around the body.
Natural herbal remedies absorb into the bloodflow and are then transported through the vessels to where that can do their good work.
Magnets speed up the conveyor belt for delivering the natural good to your body extremeties and help the kidneys work better, removing toxins and waste.
An ideal partnership helping the body heal and restore in a very traditional, natural way.

More and more people are using natural health products
to treat ailments and to build inner body well-being.

Tumeric: Spice of Gold. Strong Antioxidant. Curcumin root with numerous benefits.
Ginger: Nausea, osteoarthritis, migraine, muscle pain. Use in Smoothies & cooking.
Cinnamon: Look for “Ceylon Cinnamon” with very high levels of antioxidants.
Sage: Wisdom. Mood enhancing. Calming and Soothing.
Rosemary: Aids memory. Ancient Greece students wore rosemary in their hair for exams.

The website below has great easy-to-read information on the many different herbs and spices used for natural health and healing.

We will be here over the Christmas/New Year period, but this is our last newsletter for 2016.

Wishing You A Very Happy Christmas From Magne-Sleep.

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