Making Hay for Winter or Summer

We live in the top half of our North Island so our winters are usually reasonably mild with just the odd frost and the surrounding farms are usually a lovely, rich shade of green.  In recent years our water tanks have never quite filled to capacity during the winter months and we have headed into summer continuing to conserve water.  As a result the farmland around us has struggled to regain that lush green of earlier years.   However, predictions are that
finally this month and hopefully for the weeks ahead we and Auckland will get all water we need.
But please, not too much of a good thing like the South Island has recently endured.

After another very dry and this time very windy summer we have had to rethink how we keep our garden alive whatever the weather and without too much expense.
And I think we have found our solution!  Hay! bales & bales of hay.
Several weeks ago, before the rain arrived, we bought a bale of hay from our local country fruit shop in Te Hana. We wanted better plant protection from relentless wind that was destroying our garden. And these dry golden bales have done all we wanted and much more! So we have been back and forth to Te Hana several times to restock. Now our garden is full to the brim with hay packed plants – large and small – in readiness for another every season all year round. Each hay bale is sectioned into about 12 lots making it very easy to separate and distribute – a little hay goes a long way. It’s also serving as a great weed and pest controller, it retains moisture, holds warmth and composts well into our hard underfed soil. Now we have a low-cost effective layering that will keep our plants nourished and much more protected from pests and diseases all year round.
I have also, instead of compost, tossed a layer of hay over seed packs with great results.
Hay is my new best garden help and at $10 per bale it’s a bargain!

The Natural Benefits of Nature
Pure Lambswool has many natural health benefits just like hay has for our garden. Like hay, pure lambswool is a great conductor of heat, keeping us warm during the winter and cool during the summer. The special crimp of lambswool fibres has millions of tiny air pockets that trap air and absorb moisture creating a layer of dry air close to the body.

Young sheep in winter

Our Lambswool Magne-Sleep is fully detachable which means you can refresh the Lambswool cover as often as you wish without disturbing that very important magnetic inner. The Lambswool cover can be machine washed or dry-cleaned. And with each launder the fleece will bounce back to that deeply cushioned comfort.

Our Pure Lambswool Travel Pad is another great product from our Pure Lambswool range. It’s ideal for people who want relief from stiffness and soreness when they sit or drive for long periods at a time.
It also makes a great portable pain relief pad with a carry bag for travel.  

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