Making Heads and Tails out of Magnetic Therapy

I have to admit that the sciences are not my strong point but at Body Magnetix we have always enjoyed helping people enjoy better lives with much less pain. How this happens with magnetic therapy can lead to some very detailed and technical discussions that can be very confusing for most of us. We prefer to keep it simple and focus on the end benefit of drug-free pain relief and a better quality of life.

When Body Magnetix started out, more than 20 years ago, it was a steep learning curve for us, developing a new product that could help people who suffered aches & pains enjoy much better nights & days. Once we sorted the important magnetic detail – quality, polarity, size, strength, placement and comfort – we could leave the rest to our bodies to do the really important work.  This happens as the magnetic field gently helps soften the artery walls thus allowing better blood to our body extremities and places of inflammation and disease.  Simply put better blood flow takes the good things to where they’re needed and also helps flush away the bad things.
So when I hear people say “magnets don’t work” I am inclined to agree – they are just the conduit that enables our bodies to get on and do all the hard work of repair and pain relief.

You’ll find a degree of technical explanation on our website, talking about opposing North and South magnetic poles and which “pole” can be most beneficial for you.  That’s certainly good information but mostly we focus on the key issue – that Magne-Sleep and our other magnetic products can help bring relief from all kinds of aches and pains – because that’s what is most important to us and you.

Probably the first and best lesson we learn’t was from a discussion with Dr Buryl Payne, almost an emeritus figure in the world of magnetic therapy. Dr Payne was in NZ (an American, now deceased) and had caught one of our sessions on Newstalk ZB then rang us and spoke very kindly about our knowledge and our ability to communicate the benefits of our products.

“But remember,” he said, “while the science is important it’s the end result that most people want to know about.” 

And that’s proved to be so very true through the years.  (So we are happy to leave the scientists to their dedicated work and while they remain a mysterious species they are brought to life best in a favourite

Inside & Outside:
Despite the endless wind and not enough rain it has been another glorious summer to be outdoors and in the garden. It’s my place to be when things don’t go the way they look in the recipe books.
But as Autumn gently arrives garden growth, apart from my Dahlias, is starting to slow.
I have weeded, pruned, fed, pushed rosemary hormone dusted cuttings into soil and tossed little packs of flower seeds into nooks and crannies where there is a touch of soil or compost. I am now ready to spend a little more time indoors.
Over the xmas break while browsing the shops with 2 of our lovely daughters I spied a beautiful emerald plush velvet chair on the far side of Farmers Department store. So off I headed to investigate. After 25 years and loathe to replace our faded Elizabethan sofa with patched arm rests and lumpy cushions I had finally found a contender for replacement.
I could already picture the chair with the rich, fleecy gold coloured throw my husband had given me for Christmas.

I’m not the fastest decision maker.
I spend too much time second guessing all my choices but this deep velvet chair and decadent curved settee I have not regretted for a moment!
So why would I stop there?
Last week we visited one of my favourite browsing places in Whangarei, the Turkish Carpet Shop (in Rathbone Street, not far from The Farmers), in search of the finishing touch – a pair of pouffes (or ottomans as some people call them).  I wanted something in leather and with a bit of the suite colour – and found exactly what I was looking for!
The gentleman who owns the store was fascinating to talk to (he met and married a Kiwi girl in the Middle East before leaving a teeming city of 10 million to begin a new life in Dargaville – “a little bit quiet” – before moving to Whangarei and establishing his wonderful store) and we had a lovely chat about where and how his products were made.  Really interesting!

I have to admit I had a restless night after making, for me, yet another instant purchase. But next morning I was ready to embrace more added colour in the lounge. These colourful leather pouffes are the best rest place for tired feet after another busy day.

I think a lot of people are like me, we take a long time to make up our minds especially when we’re getting a little outside our comfort zone.  I know a lot of our callers, by phone or email, are unsure of just what magnetic therapy is all about and what they can expect from it. We understand that it may be a bit of a leap of faith for some so we explain as much as we can and answer their questions honestly and openly.  Like the Turkish Carpet man, we know our product is extremely good quality and value and the “end result” for most people is very positive.

Often people like to start slowly by trying a lower-cost product like our Magne-Dots, to see if magnets really can help with pain relief.  And so many of these, in fairly sort time, contact us to talk about purchasing a Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay as they’ve found out for themselves just how much magnets can help.

It’s always great to have a choice, just as it’s great to trust yourself when you know it feels right for you.

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