My Marie Kondo Mission

Marie Kondo is a diminutive Japanese American home organiser who helps people remove clutter and bring order and simplicity to their homes. She shows us how to fold clothes, and other things, very cleverly, and suggests we only keep things that bring us joy.


I think our house is overdue for a Marie Kondo makeover.

Several years ago we downsized our dwelling and I had no problem culling big furniture items to accommodate our new smaller space.
But it’s the personal stuff that I always struggle to de-clutter.
I have too many clothes, too many shoes, scarves, bags & bangles, mostly saved for “best” but hardly ever worn, but “might come in handy one day”
So I’m on my Marie Kondo mission to have less clutter and more “joy” and it started out quite well.

First the books –  recipes, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlas & pictorial books culled by half and gone. We still have a good supply but the shelves are nice and roomy and I can see where the dust lands – not so joyful.
Next up Cards – Babies, Numerous Birthdays, Engagement, Wedding, and Bereavements.
This was harder so I boxed and stored the Marie Kondo way.
And so it went on and on culling and de-cluttering until I got to the elephant in the room.
My Stuff.
I love my clothes, shoes, bags, old or new, bargain or spurge.
I enjoy the feel of different fabrics, the swing of a skirt and click of a heel.
This is my “joy” so I am leaving this task for later just as Marie said I could.
Our girls, on the other hand, are continually culling their wardrobes and their homes.
I think they are a bit Marie Kondo.
If I help in the kitchen I am lucky to find a potato peeler as rice and pasta are more their staple now and a simple peeler is not essential.
But what is down-scaled in the kitchen is up-scaled in other areas.
Living rooms are big, as are couches, coffee tables, tellies and beds.
Our eldest daughter recently up-sized their Queen bed to a Super King size.
I did wonder if they would Marie Kondo Magne-Sleep now they had a new rather plush, deep, mattress base.
But yesterday she phoned asking for a Super King size and I was rather pleased.
They both run and play a lot of sport and were missing their Magne-Sleep.

You Bounce Back Better from Work or Play

When You Rest all Night on Magne-Sleep!

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