My Resolutionary Thinking

Like so many of us, I started the New Year with a whole host of self-improvement resolutions – and, like so many of us, I saw them soon drift away into the land of wishful thinking.  Fortunately over the years I’ve learnt to be realistic about this and now have settled for just cutting back on things like caffeine, chocolate and alcohol – and shopping! – rather than ambitiously trying to eliminate them completely from my life.

Maybe I’m getting old, as this Forbes magazine quote indicates increasing age reduces your commitment to NY Resolutions:  “When it comes to age, 58,7 million millennials say they’ll make a New Year’s resolution in 2021. As for gen Zers, 91.85% plan to have a resolution. But the number of “resoluters” gets lower as age increases. About 78.61% of gen Xers, 60.91% of baby boomers,  and 46.86% of the silent generation make a resolution.”

Being realistic is what it’s all about and this was brought home to me when recently we received an inquiry from a gentleman who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease.  He was asking whether a Magne-Sleep could help bring some relief for this condition.  We get a lot of questions like this and our answer is always the same – check with your doctor first and be realistic in your expectations.

We’ve never promoted Magne-Sleep magnetic underlays as a cure-all but we know from the many comments we’ve had from purchasers that it can help relieve the pain caused by chronic conditions.  When we can we provide reference to clinical studies and suggest that they should be read and discussed in consultation with a medical specialist – but our emphasis is always on realistic expectations.

Tips for a pain-free morning. Beating morning stiffness with… | by Sarah Obenauer | Limitless RA | Medium

Most people, of course, choose a Magne-Sleep simply for help getting a good night’s sleep and gentle relief from all kinds of aches and pains.  Issues like stiff and aching joints, cramp, the pain of arthritis and similar afflictions, poor circulation, over-worked muscles, recovering from injuries and illness, coping with the stresses and tensions of everyday life – are things that can affect so many of us day by day and that’s when a Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay can gently help you.

So your primary resolution should be to be as good as you can be – and if a Magne-Sleep can help you with that, give it a try. Our large Magnetic Pillow cover/travel pad – Pure Lambswool or Pure Cotton – are a very cost effective way of finding out if Magnetic Therapy can help you. By resting on either pad – both have the same magnetic structure – you should quickly notice a difference. They are ideal to use as a bed pad, car, travel or armchair pad. We are always happy to talk with you and explain the special comforting quality and genuine value of our product.

The Power of Pets
Gardening is my great stress-reliever but it’s leading role in my life has been questioned by the arrival of our new pet, Benny.  Benny came to us via a kindly Vet. who’d taken him from a not-so-nice home and thought we might help get him back on track.  He certainly was a bedraggled mess when we collected him – his fur had been shorn to clear all the knots and tangles and he was as skinny as you’d ever want to see any animal.  But he had character and once we overcame his timidity he began to blossom and show all the attributes of an aristocrat born to rule our lives.

      I make the rules in this house!

That even extends to the garden where he loves to supervise my efforts and choose to sleep in just the spot I was planning to work on next.  He hasn’t proved particularly good at herding the neighbour’s chooks out of my veggie patch and the noisy mynahs nesting nearby treat him with disdain but already he’s become a great companion and source of amusement to us.

We’re not sure of his breeding – there’s Persian there and a bit of Siamese colouring, he’s got a very flat face and unusual soft blue eyes.  Maybe a Himalayan?  His fur has an interesting crinkle to it, now that it’s growing back to its best and he’s got incredibly large feet for a very small cat.  And whiskers that are as tangled as the flax bushes I’m labouring to cut back.

Someone clever once said “Time spent with cats is never wasted” and that’s very true.  Benny has proved, in a very short time, to be a great companion and is very vocal in his interactions with us. Between him, my garden and my Magne-Sleep, life’s just about as good as it can be.

We hope you have a wonderful 2021.  The threat of Covid still looms large but if we work together and think of others’ needs, we’ll get through.
e’re in the best place in the world – let’s keep it that way.

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