New Spring Products for New Bounce Back.

Spring is the season of new beginnings: new life, new energy, new plans, new jobs, new ideas, new products, or even re-inventing an old one that’s still a very good one. Here at Magne-Sleep we have been very busy creating a new season “wish list” then making a “to do” list and now we are excitedly waiting the arrival of our new Spring stock.
We are topping up our current stock, adding exciting new products and bringing back – by popular demand – an old but still very good one.
What’s coming soon:

We think you will love our new Pure Mulberry Silk/Lambswool Pillows. A blend of Pure Lambswool and quality polyester then wrapped with Pure Mulberry silk strands to sit closest to your skin. An affordable luxurious pillow with a cool skin touch to bring soothing every night sleep.

After lots of feedback our “more popular than we thought” full pillow sized Pure Cotton Quilted Magnetic Pillow Protectors will also be back in stock.

And we haven’t forgotten your 4 legged family members. We have a new range of rather luxurious Pet Beds arriving too. All topped with the same 500gsm Pure Lambswool we use in our Lambswool Magnetic Underlays. Now all the family will be able to spread out a little more and enjoy the luxury of resting on Pure Lambswool with the hidden benefits of gentle, magnetic therapy.

Locked down and locked indoors during winter has been much harder for us this time around. A winter of wet gravel roads and windswept hills did not have the same appeal as did those dry dusty roads during our long hot summer. But the water tanks are now full to overflowing and both the garden and us have survived the long drought of water and family. We are now so well trained into staying home more than going out that our Spring clean has been ongoing all through winter:
Never before has the inside of our abode enjoyed so much fuss and bother:  mirrors glisten, bench tops sparkle, skirting boards gleam, the fridge has never been so organized and even the high up light fittings have felt the wave of my duster.
And outside the cleanup has been just as frenetic. We have expanded our garden plot to full capacity and not a weed remains above ground after my daily inspection. Even our chicken containment skills have been honed to perfection. And those daily visits from our feathered next door friends are now much more their challenge than ours. Wire netting has been used to the extreme with any loop hole quickly sealed off. But now for some odd reason they have taken to loitering on our driveway. I am not sure why this is but maybe, like us, they think driveways are not for cars but instead for spades, forks, wheel barrows, weeds and bags of garden food.

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