No more leaping out of bed.

We talk a lot about how Magne-Sleep can help you sleep better and deeper by easing pain and warming cold feet. But the one thing I love most about our Magne-Sleep is I no longer suffer those nasty calf muscle cramps that once had me leaping out of bed on any given night!

Occasionally, I may feel a slight twinge but it’s never bad enough to have me up and out of bed. Instead, I can now enjoy that little luxury of stretching my legs out as often as I want.

It’s often the little things that make a big difference as to how well we rest.


Over the past couple or years I have developed a new, and to be honest, very helpful habit. I have become a compulsive daily list maker.
I’ve gone from someone who tended mostly to “wing” things and commit important detail to memory to now be a dedicated list maker. And I always have several lists on the go!
I have: office work lists, garden planting lists, sewing to do lists, wardrobe need lists, birthday gift lists, food and bill lists and have just added my Christmas gift list.


I can be so busy crossing off or adding to my lists, that I tend to forget to just stop and “smell the roses” or lavender as I finally did today.



Check our these great Christmas Gift List ideas “click” on pics for detail.

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