Out of Winter & Into What?

So many questions – and so few definite answers! We really are living in strange times and so many of us are struggling with travel restrictions, separation from family and friends, loss of income … so much that we don’t seem to have control over.

Moving from Winter to Spring at least brings us hope of a Summer of long warm days and opportunities to enjoy this wonderful country of ours – but who knows what will happen?  The long time since we’ve last seen our daughters, their husbands and our grandchildren, here and overseas, has been hard on us all but then I think back to the stories my mum and dad told me of their lives as children and young adults.

Home Schooling during the mid-20th century Polio epidemic in NZ.

They lived through an horrific World War, only to face a Scarlet fever epidemic that claimed 40 lives in New Zealand; a Polio outbreak that claimed 224 lives; Tuberculosis that had a devastating impact, particularly amongst Maori; then Rubella, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Influenza of various strains all had huge impact through the years toward the end of the 20th century. Our parents survived this and our country thrived despite it all, so I’m sure we’ll get through the current Covid19 crisis.

While there will always be opinions for and against various treatments for various infections, there’s no doubt that good rest is vital for all of us. I get stressed just thinking about how our daughter in Melbourne is coping with raising a young family in what seems to be a never-ending lock down – but go to bed each night knowing that I’m going to sleep well and wake up ready to enjoy a positive day.

It’s been more than 20 years since we made and slept on our first Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay and I’m still amazed at how this product does relax my body and mind every night.

Unfortunately, a by-product of the Covid19 outbreak is a serious impact on international freight, leaving us very low on many underlays both our Pure Cotton Quilt and our Pure Lambswool. We hope to have new stock with us in early November and will keep you updated as we do. Meantime we’ve seen a lot of people look at our other magnetic products – Magne-Feet foot strips that are brilliant to help ease aching legs and foot pain ; Magne-Dots, the very small but very powerful magnets that can bring pain relief to virtually any part of your body. We still have good stocks of both our Pure Cotton Quilted Pillow Covers & our Pure Lambswool Pillow covers Both ideal for treating neck and shoulder at night or away from your bed as a portable pain relief pad.
Magne-Flex bracelet
s that help improve blood flow and pain relief throughout your body.  These are low price, high performance products that really can help.  Take a look through our website for these and other products like our wonderful Mulberry Silk Pillows, and our Fully range of Hair Thickening products.

And don’t forget our Magne-Pet products – better rest and recovery for our furry friends.

Our Quality+Value Factor
We’re lucky to be a small company with low overheads so we are able to price our products to provide genuine value.  We understand that bigger companies have to charge more just to cover their greater costs but are very happy to offer what we believe is the best product quality matched with a cost that is truly fair to our customers.  We were the first to manufacture magnetic underlays in New Zealand, the first to offer a 90-day moneyback guarantee, the first – and only – magnetic underlay to offer a 10% discount to Supergold cardholders – all valuable reasons why you should “Make Sure It’s Magne-Sleep!” 

Happily, thought all this turmoil our hens are well settled in their new run and are producing eggs at a very rewarding rate.  I really enjoy watching them scratch about and interact with each other – and they certainly enjoy the morning feed I provide!  Benny, our rescue cat, finds it all very interesting as he peers through the netting and they ignore him disdainfully.

And here’s a happy note to finish on – only two months or so till Christmas!  Hopefully that time will see a lot of families united and enjoying the many
good things in our daily lives.  I can’t wait!


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