Practicing the virtue of Patience

As we impatiently await our new stock to arrive it’s a timely reminder that Covid 19 is not going away any time soon. According to Aristotle and sometimes quoted to me by my ever patient mother “patience is a virtue”. So as we wait and wait for the arrival of new products I am practicing the virtue of patience.

Well beyond our safe shores manufacture and production companies are still reeling from Covid19 fallout and are struggling to regain traction for business and production.
Even our small country, safely isolated from the rest of the world, is not immune to the continuing fallout from Covid. Our tourism and hospitality industries are now re-staffed and have re-opened but, for now, they don’t have that all important overseas tourist market. They will need a lot of patience and a great deal of innovation going forward.

During the quiet of lock down we had plenty of spare time to research and source new products for all family members. And we think you will love the added luxury and soothing benefits of more Pure Lambswool and Pure Mulberry Silk that we have added to our bedding.
And now we impatiently await all to arrive……
Luxury Pet Beds topped with the same 500gsm Pure Lambswool as in our underlays.
Pure Mulberry Silk Blend/Lambswool Pillows for people.

And don’t forget these great products that give much Better Day’s & much Better Night’s.
Our Pure Lambswool Pillow/Travel pads are generous 74cm x 47cm with 16 large magnets. Multi purpose too: use as a pillow cover, a portable pain relief pad – car, chair, travel – or as luxury pain relief bed for a small pet.

And our Magnetic Shoe inserts are great for people on their feet all day who want relief from poor circulation, cold feet or muscle cramps.


The Garden

Potatoes are staple food in our house.
I have washed, peeled, sliced, diced and mashed hundreds of sacks over many many years of married life. My only respite from a potato peeler was a short sweet hiatus when we lived in Asia for 4 years.
So, despite my husband’s assurance that he has “never had bad mashed spuds” I can usually tell at a glance what I am looking for. And over the past couple of years I have noted quality go down and the price go up. So after some google research re tyres and health issues – they were vague – I have planted seed potatoes in used car tyres. I remember my mother-in-law doing the same many years ago and the pleasure she had bringing her fresh spuds to the table on Christmas Day.

So now it’s my turn to bring on the spuds for Christmas.
4 tyres choose all the same diameter – my mistake.
Stack 2 tyres on a level site that gets good sun.
Cover the ground base with gravel for drainage.
Fill the first tyre with compost or garden soil.
Place the seed spuds and cover shoots with soil.
Water well cover green shoots daily.
Fill the rim too for horizontal growth.
Keep adding tyres and keep covering green growth.
Once flowers appear stop covering.

Ready to harvest in about 70-90 days.

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