Biomagnetic Pet Products

Bio-Magnetic Pet Care Products can be just as effective for our pets as it can be for humans.
Our 4 legged furry family pets – Moggy or Mutt – suffer the same kinds of aches and pains that we do, so they will also enjoy the same benefits from Magnetic Therapy as we do.

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  • Magnetic Pet Beds


    “Just like humans our pets suffer from arthritis, old injury, older age, and all kinds of aches and pains”.

    We use the same 23mm x 3mm 1000gauss surface strength magnets for our pet beds as we do in our Magne-Sleep underlays. Our Pet Beds have a pure merino lambswool upper with a strong hessian undercover that is zip-off – you can remove the Lambswool cover and wash as required. The magnetic inner is deep, stable and fully lined for magnet protection from sharp claws.
    Do not wash the Magnetic Inner.  
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    “Watch your pets regain better mobility and their playfulness and love of life”.

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