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Natural Organic Hair Thickener and Organic Hair Care Products to improve the health and vitality of your hair.

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  • Fully hair building fibre

    Fully Hair Building Fibres


    Fully Hair Building Fibres: 23g

    Colours: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Grey, Light Grey, Ash Blond

    Fully Hair Building Fibres is a premium organic hair thickener made from natural plant resinous fibres. It shares many of your natural hair qualities: authentic colour, anti bacterial, long strong slim strands and is moisture resistant.
    Apply to dry (styled) hair.
    You can apply by gently tapping the fibres perforated lid over the thinning hair area but this can be wasteful and may not bring ideal results. We recommend you try the Puffer Attachment.
    It is easy to attach and very economical.
    You will use less fibres and achieve a lighter more natural result.
    Simply remove the fibres perforated lid and fit the Puffer  – instructions on package.
    Lightly work the Puffer over the thinning hair.
    This should take about 30 seconds. Less is Best.
    Do not use a comb, just gently pat your style in place.
    A light spray of Fully Nourishing Hair Spray will “set” your hair and give instant healthy sheen. You can safely use this organic spray each day for repair and to encourage re-growth.
    Fully Nourish is “Best Seller” in our Fully Product Range.

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    If you have fine or thinning hair, small areas of hair loss, or are an Alopecia Areata patient and would like a natural, organic, premium hair thickener that really works, then Fully can help.
    This 4 x product pack is a great chance to trial and see how easy your daily hair groom can be.
    Fully 4 x product pack includes:
    Fully Hair Fibres, Fully Applicator, Fully Nourish Hair Spray, Fully Blend Comb.
    Select your colour option then select “buy” for your 4 x product pack.

    Magnetic Health Hair Brush with each pack.

  • Magnetic Hair Brush


    This light easy-grip Magnetic Hair Brush has long fine magnetized bristles designed to massage your scalp and stimulate nerve endings for better, healthier hair.

    Brushing your hair is just as important as a healthy diet and possibly more beneficial than an expensive shampoo.
    Not that long ago 100 strokes of hair brushing was an important daily ritual.
    And for very good reasons: regular hair brushing cleanses the scalp, improves blood flow, stimulates oil and hormone producing glands along with many other health benefits.
    Start your own daily ritual: Set aside 5minutes each day and enjoy the results.
    Brush your dry hair with a firm, slow brush stroke. Bend forward at the waist and brush the underside forward then reverse the procedure.
    You will be surprised how beneficial this can be!

  • Fully Spray Puffer Attachment

    Fully Spray Puffer Attachment


    The Spray Puffer Attachment
    Use on dry (styled) hair.
    The Puffer Attachment is light, easy to use, economical and re-usable.
    It will give a lighter more natural coverage of fibre.
    To Use: Remove the Fully Fibres perforated lid and attach the Puffer – how to fit  detail is on the puffer packaging.
    Work the puffer quickly & lightly over the area of thinning hair.
    This should take about 30 seconds. Less is Best.
    Do not use a comb but instead gently pat your style in place.
    Complete your groom with a light spray of Nourish Hair Spray to “set” your hair.
    Like all Fully Products Fully Nourish is organic so you can safely use this spray daily for an instant healthy sheen and to encourage repair and restoration.
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  • Fully Nourishing Hair Spray


    Organic Nourishing Hair Spray    117g
    Ingredients: Deionized water, Ginger, Hydrolyzed collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe, Rosemary, Rosewood, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Nutmeg, Lavender.

    Fully Nourish is a safe, organic, plant-based hair conditioner.
    It contains no alcohol nor chemicals.
    It is clear and non-sticky with a light fragrance.
    Fully Nourish will give your hair an instant healthy sheen use daily for extra sheen and to encourage repair & re-growth.
    Use also to “set” your dry (styled) hair.
    Fully Nourish is “Best Seller” in our Fully Product Range.
    “Lighter coverage will give better results”.                                        

  • Hairline Optimizer

    Hairline Optimiser Comb


    The Optimiser Comb is light and easy to use.
    Use to blend the fibres with thinning hair areas and to protect your eyes from product.
    When applying Fully Fibres slide the comb along the forehead hair-line for a blended, more natural, appearance.

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