Biomagnetic Body

Our Biomagnetic Bodycare Products Include:
Magnetic Shoe Inserts, Magnetic Dots & Plasters, Magnetic Flex Bracelets, Copper Cuff Bracelets, Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask, Snore-Free Mouthpiece.

For much more information on how magnets work, read: “Healing with Magnets”

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  • Magne-Flex Magnetic Bracelet


    Our Magne-Flex Magnetic Bracelet has brilliant styling with flexible woven stainless steel and gold-plated magnetic spheres.
    Ideal for people who suffer from finger, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder pain.
    You can wear your Magne-Flex Bracelet on either wrist with the magnetic terminals resting on the top or underside of the wrist area. Once in place Magne-Flex will start working.
    A battery powered watch should sit on the opposite wrist to Magne-Flex. The Magnets may draw power from the watch battery.
    Remove Magne-Flex to shower and before bed.
    Sizes: 17.5cm 19.5cm
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  • Pure Copper Cuff Bracelet – With Magnets


    Our Pure Copper Cuff Bracelets are of the highest quality, beautifully formed and polished.
    The natural properties of Pure Copper may help provide relief pain to joints and muscles by drawing toxins from your body. The addition of powerful Neodymium magnets (2 per bracelet) may help enhance blood flow so Copper absorption into the body is accelerated.
    To select your size measure around the wrist allowing for a small gap between the terminals.
    Once fitted your Copper Bracelet can stay in place.
    A greenish colour may appear on the skin. This is normal and will wash away.
    Sizes: 17.5cm 19.5cm 21.5cm
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  • Magnetic Dots & Plasters


    Neodymium Therapeutic Magnetic Dots & Plasters
    with acupressure point chart

    Magne-Dots are specialised therapuetic magnets, used for acupuncture, in place of needles.
    20 x magnets & 20 x plasters per pack.

    • Apply direct to point of pain, or refer to included acupuncture chart.
    • Powerful, 2,500 gauss rare earth (neodymium) magnets.
    • For muscular, joint and systemic pain.
    • Widely used for acupuncture (in place of needles) – chart included.
    • Safe, no side effects when used as directed. Place “red dot” side of the magnet to the plaster and the smooth side of the magnet to the skin.
    • Leave in place 2-3 days then remove and re-apply as needed.
    • Magne-Dots can be used over and over again.
      Cover Magne-Dots with surgical tape to shower or bathe.
  • Magne-feet Biomagnetic Shoe Inserts


    Magne-Feet are back!
    With even better materials for even Better Results!
    Our Biomagnetic shoe inserts are designed to help improve blood circulation to your feet and lower legs by stimulating the many nerve endings on the soles of your feet.
    Magne-Feet are ideal for people who suffer poor circulation, cold feet, foot or leg cramp, varicose veins, and for people who spend a long time on their feet.
    Ideal for nurses, teachers, golfers, bowlers, farmers, shop assistants, and great inside work boots or gumboots.
    When you start wearing Magne-Feet you may notice a “tingling” sensation in your feet.
    This is normal and a positive sign the nerve endings are responding to the Magnetic Therapy.
    To Fit: One Size fits all.
    Simply peel the backing off the magnetic strip and place inside footwear, sticky side to the shoe upper. Or simply adhere the magnetic inserts to a pair of light insoles and move them from shoe to shoe.
    Lightweight, flexible, comfortable.
    Totally natural, drug-free, all day, every day.

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  • Snore Free



    Your easy way to stop snoring – and start living!

    Snoring is a major health hazard.  It places pressure on your heart and lungs, affects bloodflow and leaves you feeling tired and lacking energy.
    Don’t spend thousands on surgery – it’s painful and it may not work.
    Simply fit your own Snore-Free to enjoy better, healthier sleep.
    Snore-Free is made from top quality material selected for total compatibility with oral tissue.
    It makes your life a whole lot better – and it’s a whole lot better for your partner and family too!
    Snore-Free includes:
    2 x Snore-Free moulds with step by step “How to Fit” information.
    Price: $30.00.             NZ delivery card


  • Pure Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar


    Our  Pure Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser has a natural low-lathering formulation:
    Natural 100% Bamboo Charcoal liquid, with 1% Lemon Essence, 2% Natural soap base, 1% Glycerin.

    You can safely use this natural cleansing bar everyday day on your face, hands, elbows and to treat dry skin problems.
    Your skin will feel cleaner and softer and areas of dry skin will become noticeably softer and smoother.

    Buy 3 x Bamboo Charcoal Bars & receive free body wash gloves & bar card

  • Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask


    Our Bamboo Charcoal Eye Mask is perfect for those seeking deeper, more restorative sleep, or to refresh your eyes from tension and eye strain. There are rich trace elements of calcum, Potassium, sodium and Iron that can help soothe and repair eye strain.
    The Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Mask is very lite-weight with a cool skin touch and the double elastic straps will gently hold the mask in place.
    Ideal at home or to give dark soothing eye rest away from home.