Pure Cotton Quilted Magne-Sleep (SuperGold Card)


The most common use of magnetic fields is for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches, joint pains & strains, Muscle cramps, tendonitis, poor circulation – cold feet – and sleep disorders.

You too can enjoy “Much Better Nights & Much Better Days”.
Pure Cotton Magne-Sleep has the same magnets & magnetic structure as our Zip-Off Lambswool, so you can expect the same great results.
For the best results place Cotton Magne-Sleep directly under the bottom sheet closest to your body. You can safely fit your electric blanket underneath Magne-Sleep.
The Included Magnetic Pillow Pads have the same large magnets (12) as our underlays and the cover is Pure Quilted Cotton for ideal cool head rest.
Use the Pillow Pads to treat neck stiffness, shoulder soreness, migraine pain, tinnitus discomfit & sleep disorders – use also away from your bed as a Portable Pain Relief Pad.

Single, K.Single include: 1 x Magnetic Pillow Pad Plus Bonus 1x pr Magnetic Shoe inserts & 1 x Magne-Dots
All other sizes: 2 x Magnetic Pillow Pads Bonus 1pr Magnetic Shoe inserts & 1x Magne-Dots

 90day Written Warranty   15 plus year Magnet Warranty  Free NZ delivery – no signature required

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Cotton Quilted Magne-Sleep has the same magnets and magnetic structure as our Lambswool Zip-Off so you can expect the same great results.
Mattress Fit: Quality 4 x corner elastic straps give a secure mattress fit and the Magnetic Inner is a deep 300gsm for ideal, cushioned, comfort.
Pillow Pads: Our Pillow Pads have the same large magnets (12) as in our underlays and are topped with Pure Cotton for cool, head rest. May help neck stiffness, shoulder soreness, migraine pain, tinnitus discomfit and sleep patterns.
Underlay Clean: Unless you have a very large front loader washing machine (i.e. no agitator) we recommend a bath to launder Cotton Magne-Sleep.
Fill the bath with cool water and add suds. Soak Magne-Sleep overnight or for several hours. Drain, refill bath with cool water and leave to soak again. Drain again, remove excess water and hang to dry outdoors on a dry breezy day.
Phone: 09 431 5236 to speak with us.

Magnet Detail: We prefer a bigger magnet. They sit flat and stable and will give better wider body penetration.
Size: 23mm x 3mm 1000 gauss (surface strength) Ceramic Strontium ferrite (North Facing) set in a continuous grid pattern.
Magnet life: 15 plus years.
Like more information on how magnets work? Click  Healing with Magnets
Magnets in each underlays:
Single                         65     Magnets             $211.00
K Single                     84     Magnets             $229.00
Double                      117     Magnets             $256.00
Queen                      140     Magnets             $274.00
King                         154      Magnets             $292.00
S King                     168      Magnets             $310.00

CAUTION: Please note that pregnant women and people with electronic implants (pacemakers, insulin pumps etc) should consult a Health Professional before using magnetic health products. We suggest you do not wear a watch when resting on your Magne-Sleep Magnetic Underlay.

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