SLEEP: just another 5-letter word

Probably like a lot of people around the world, our family has caught the Wordle bug.  Our mornings now begin with a battle to be the quickest to find the day’s 5-letter solution to this quite ingenious, rewarding, frustrating word game.  Texts and emails fly around between us all, claims and counter-claims are made – and we all feel a lot more on top of things after a bit of mind exercise to get the day under way.

We all play the New York Times version, although there seem to be lots of different versions emerging – along with an unfortunately-increasing number of sites that offer sneaky solutions and suggestions before you make your play.

None of that for us – it’s all about the challenge!  (I know it’s a game but I will admit to spending time pondering the possibilities for next day’s puzzles. It does get to you!)

Worldle’s brilliance – and success – lies in its simplicity.  In many ways, this is very similar to the Magne-Sleep story where we’ve always stuck to the basics of magnetic therapy and not got carried away (like some marketers have) with weird claims and unnecessary, expensive add-ons.

Our Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay of today has the same magnetic structure as our very first Magne-Sleep we made nearly 25 years ago.  While we’ve refined manufacturing processes and introduced some revolutionary design ideas over the years our basic objective remains the same: to offer you a high-quality, true-value product that helps you enjoy “Better Nights, Better Days”.

Again like Wordle, we’ve had our imitators.  They come and they go, but we remain confident that we’ve achieved the ideal balance of high performance and realistic pricing.  Customer feedback certainly confirms that for us – keep it simple and be (to steal some words from Tina Turner) “Simply The Best!

As we are all facing significant increases in the cost of living right now- groceries, mortgage rates, petrol and rents to name just a few – we can proudly say that our Magne-Sleep prices have increased by less than 20% across all types and sizes since the first day we started manufacturing, despite the improvements and advances we have achieved.  That rate of increase – less than 1% a year over more than 20 years – is something our government would give their eye teeth for in these inflationary times.

Changing Seasons Are In The Air
Each morning as we wake up and reach for our Wordle challenge we’re noticing a bit more of a nip in the air as Summer gradually gives way to Autumn.  Our days are still brilliantly fine and warm with temperatures consistently reaching into the high 20’s but the nights are definitely cooling down.  It’s a time of year I love, watching the leaves change colour and the twilights, especially, are so crisp and clear.

Times like these we really notice the brilliance of our lambswool Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay on our bed.  It’s been cool to sleep on through a long, hot Summer – and now it’s making sure we stay warm as night-time temperatures start to drop.  Wool, especially the Pure Lambswool we use for Magne-Sleep, is an amazing natural product.  Soft and luxurious, it allows air to circulate around your body so you don’t get overheated on warm nights – then gives you wonderful relaxing warmth through cooler nights.  When combined with the soothing, pain-relieving abilities of our magnetic structure, Magne-Sleep delivers the perfect year-round way for you to enjoy “Better Nights, Better Days“.

The arrival of Autumn also means Mothers’ Day is not too far off!  A Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay makes a brilliant gift for your Mum, or perhaps you’ll find an ideal gift among our range of other products.  Check them out – and give Mum a gift that keeps on giving.

The Life of Benny – what’s not to love?

As we’re daily confronted with huge issues in our lives – Covid in its many evolving forms, the unbelievable horrors of the Ukraine invasion, famine in so many undeveloped countries, increasing divisions in our society, to name but a few – Benny goes blissfully through it all without a second care.

No doubt a self-appointed feline Guardian Of The Hens suffers a degree of internal stress but he doesn’t show much and we envy his ability to ignore the turmoils of human life.

Granted he’s recently endured the ignominy of a visit to Jess the Groomer who has miraculously managed to remove his tangles and stylishly trim his mane, but that was just a brief and inconvenient interruption to his daily routines of eating, sleeping and guarding the hens.  Any interruption to these all-important routines is loudly protested and we remain mere slaves to his daily demands, as are most cat “owners”.

It would be nice to have animals’ ability to remain oblivious to all the dangers and disasters of everyday human life, to sleep through it and wake up with the only concern of how far off feeding time is.  Perhaps one day the world will calm down and the futility of war will be a distant memory.   We live in hope!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all Mums and Mums-to-Be.  You’re the cornerstone of so many lives, even though they don’t tell you that every day.
And keep Wordleing!

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