Sleeping Through It All

This weird world we’re currently living in is not an easy one to navigate.  There are so many disputed facts, so many contrary opinions, so many questions that cannot be conclusively answered, so much more anger than we need in our lives.

Covid has lumped all this on top of our everyday concerns for our families, our friends and our own individual issues that impact on us, both mentally and physically.  We all react to these pressures in our own way but a lot of us suffer through the disruption of restless nights as we try to see our way through things, sometimes finding solutions but more often waking feeling sleep-deprived and not really at our best.  Tossing and turning in our minds as well as in our beds is frustrating and it’s not being helped at the moment as the humidity soars to maximum levels and night-time temperatures stays at uncomfortable highs.

At home, we’ve been pounded by relentless winds for what seems like an eternity so we’ve had to keep doors and windows closed – much to our cat Benny’s annoyance – but fortunately these gusty gales seem to be lessening (at least for now).  And while the recent rain has certainly greened up the surrounding hills and paddocks as well as nicely topping up our tanks it’s been disappointing to not be able to head to the beach for a swim or a walk in the sunshine along the tideline.

We’re both very lucky to enjoy good health for our ages – a few minor aches and pains aside – and we’re constantly reminded of our good fortune by feedback we get from many of our Magne-Sleep users who have major pain issues.  The common theme is “at last I’m able to sleep at night because my pain is reduced.“.   Over the last 20 years or so we’ve heard many stories like this: some extreme and a bit hard to believe, but mostly it’s people telling us how they’re able to manage their pain so much better thanks to Magne-Sleep’s gentle ability to improve bloodflow to help ease stiffness and soreness.

We also get occasional calls and messages and questions from very sceptical people and we’re always happy to discuss their viewpoints with them and gently remind them that we’ve never claimed an ability to perform miracles or effect cures – just help to sleep better and enjoy an optimum quality of life.  It’s good to be challenged and all we hope is that our answers and explanations are listened to with an open mind.

Back when we’d only been in business a few years we were contacted by a very well-known American scientist and author, Buryl Payne, PhD.  He was in New Zealand and had heard on of our weekly radio discussions and called us to say “You guys have the best understanding of magnetic therapy and how it really works!”.  Dr Payne was impressed by the clear and understandable way we explained things to our audience and how we kept away from the silly claims and promises that other marketers were promoting.  We’ve always kept that praise in mind and it’s been a big part of making Magne-Sleep
New Zealand’s most trusted magnetic underlay.

Waking Up To A Better Day
Our ability to enjoy relaxing, refreshing sleep is vital to our wellbeing.  The stresses of life are one thing but for many of us there are also painful medical and physical conditions to contend with as we go about day-to-day life.  Scientists, doctors and therapists can do so much to help with these problems and we see Magne-Sleep and our other magnetic health products simply as a means of support for traditional medical practices.  Often we’ve been told that we’ve helped people reduce their medication levels and that is something that we’re very pleased and proud to do.

There’s no better way to start the day than to wake refresh, re-energized and ready to take on another full-on day of work and play.  Magne-Sleep helps promote more sleep, less pain … and we’ve been delivering it for more than 20 years.  We believe we’ve achieved the ideal mix of quality and value and backed this with an emphasis on outstanding customer service.  We’ve pioneered so many achievements in magnetic therapy and the way Magne-Sleep and our other products set the highest standards.

       Rain can’t stop the egg supply

Happy Days For The Clockwork Hens
Our three hens have been, for whatever reason, having a wonderful time in the wind and the rain.  They huddle inside when the downpours come but at other times they’re cheerily pecking away and the wind doesn’t seem to worry them in the slightest.  Like clockwork, every day we’re rewarded with 3 fresh eggs which puts pressure on us to find new ways to boil, poach, fry and scramble and to create omelettes with all kinds  of exotic fillings.

Benny loves watching the hens and takes his role of Guard Cat very seriously, only occasionally leaping in the air to give them a bit of a fright but posing no real threat to them.

Our other rural show is the constant work of our neighbouring sheepfarmer.  It seems he and the sheep are in constant motion, shuttling between paddocks and into the shed for shearing, drenching, dagging and whatever else sheepfarmers do through their busy year.  The sheep themselves seem impervious to weather, no doubt thanks to the wonderful properties of the wool they produce.

All in all, it’s a wonderful life and we don’t need much reminding of just how lucky we are to live in this country.  Sure, there are a few issues and Covid is a constant uncertainty – but it’s pretty good when you can end your day on the wonderful, restful and relaxing comfort of a Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay.

Speaking of wonderful lives, we’ve had two very special friends pass away already this year.  Very sad but it was a privilege to celebrate their special lives with their families at their funerals – such an improvement on the days when funerals were such grimly serious occasions.
We shared lots of laughs and great memories, helping us to cope with the loss of someone close and reminding us that we need to make the most of every day while we can.

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