So, what’s changed?

In an ever changing world it’s rather comforting to know that some things don’t need change just for the sake of change. After 20 years of enjoying the many benefits of our Magne-Sleep we are not about to make big changes. There has been no return of cold-feet sleep, no return of mid-sleep painful muscle cramps, and our body balance from bed to floor each morning is now stable – just a few very good reasons not to change things for the sake of change.

Over the past 20 plus years we have made very few changes to our Pure Cotton Quilted or 500gsm Lambswool Magnetic Underlays. We did our homework years ago in a little factory/showroom in Albany. The plan was to make a bedding cover with embedded magnets that would gently increase blood flow around the body to reduce pain and bring better restful sleep. We sourced quality magnets and set them into a deeply cushioned inner with a cover that would give cool, restful, sleep – Pure Cotton Quilt or 500gsm Lambswool. We still use the same 1000 Gauss – surface strength – Strontium Ferrite magnets in all our Magnetic Therapy products. All magnets are still set in a continuous North seeking grid pattern – glued & stitched – and are still deeply cushioned for gentle magnetic therapy.
Our  Lambswool Magne-Sleep is now Zip-Off with the Lambswool cover fully detachable and removable to be machine washed or dry cleaned – and all without affecting that important Magnetic Inner.
Our Pure Cotton Quilted Magne-Sleep
4 x elastic corner straps and a recently added wide elastic crosswise strap to insure a very flat mattress fit.
Just a couple of simple but important changes we have made over many years to give you even more comfort plus that great option of being able to launder your Zip-Off Lambswool Cover as often as you want!
It’s not change for the sake of change – it’s change to make sure our product is always the best it can be for you.

Our new Stock Order is almost here – slow but steady, and due to arrive at our door late November. New Stock to arrive includes: New Lambswool Pet Beds, New Mulberry silk/Lambswool blend Pillows plus a return of our Original Pure Cotton Magnetic Pillow Protectors.

House & Garden
With our girls now grown and gone I have gradually drifted away from the kitchen.
In fact I would rather be outside in the garden than standing over a hot stove.
Over the past couple of years my husband has stepped up to the plate and is already doing a much better and more creative job than me.
But he does have a very sweet tooth and is more interested in making peanut brownies than a casserole. So it is a tricky balance at times.
I still have a library of cook books from many cultures but my favourite and most battered book is Edmonds “Sure to Rise.” When the girls were young I made something from this book at least once a week. Family Chicken Pie and Frittata were regulars and every Summer I made the Fielder’s Classic Sponge and filled it with strawberries.
Edmonds Fielder’s Classic Sponge
3 Eggs  – room temp
One tsp Standard plain flour
Pinch salt
One tsp Edmonds baking powder
Half cup caster sugar
Half cup Edmonds Fielder’s cornflour
Separate eggs. Beat the egg whites & salt til stiff (very stiff)
Add sugar gradually and beat until very stiff & sugar has dissolved
Add egg yolks. Beat until well blended.
Sift cornflour, flour & baking powder together – I did this twice
Fold into mixture
Pour into 2 x 20cm greased and lined sandwich tins
Bake 190c for 15 – 20 minutes or til cakes spring back when lightly touched.
I bang tins on the bench top on removal from oven someone said it helps?
Leave in tins for 10 minutes before turning onto wire rack.
Good luck. I find sponges tricky but not enough to stop trying.

The Garden
My tyre spud shoots are nearing the top of the 4th and last tyre.
Once the shoots flower then wilt I dismantle the tyres and look for success or failure.
Fingers crossed but either way I will have a lot more compost to spread around the garden.


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