Solving The Growing Problem of Thinning Hair

How we wear our hair can be  a very personal, very individual thing, for both men and women.  Sometimes we follow fashion, but as we get older we tend to settle on our own style and stick with it, with just a few tweaks now and then.  There’s always a product of some sort we can use to hold the style or add a little colour or shine – but for a lot of people there’s the self-conscious worry of how to conceal those areas where hair is getting a little thin.

Possibly, for men it’s a little easier – a bit of a comb over, or go with the latest look and shave everything off.  In reality, though, most men would prefer to keep their hair looking naturally full and healthy for as long as they can. 

For women, those comb over and shave options are a bit extreme for most of us.

Fortunately today there are real choices, whatever the reason behind our hair loss.  Hair transplants can be done by specialists, although they’re very expensive and so not an affordable reality for many.  Laser treatments, grafting and the like are, again, costly procedures.  A much more affordable and immediate solution is a product like our Fully Organic Hair Thickening Fibres that’s so easy to use.  The fibres work instantly and come in a range of natural colours to suit virtually anyone of any age.

Thinning hair is something a lot of people are embarrassed to talk about – and that’s so unnecessary.  Regardless of our age, worrying about losing hair is not a vanity thing – it’s simply about pride in our appearance, and Fully’s a wonderful solution for everyday use. 

You’re confident in every situation and it all looks so natural, no-one will ever suspect you’re a Fully user.

We did a lot of research before we brought Fully into the New Zealand market.  We preferred Fully to other options because of their very professional approach to developing and marketing an organic product that could so quickly, easily, safely and effectively help men and women cope with gradual loss of hair.  Along with looking natural, the “easy” aspect was very important and that’s the most common feedback we get from our growing number of users.

The best way is to buy the Fully product pack that gives you Fully Hair Fibres in the colour of your choice along with a Fully applicator, Fully Nourish Hairspray, a Fully Blend Comb and a Magnetic Hairbrush, all at a very special price. This gives you everything you need to easily apply the Fully Organic Hair Thickening keratin fibres. From then on you simply order the Fully Hair Fibres in your chosen colour as you need. The special Fully Applicator is so simple and ensures natural-looking results that natural look stay until you shampoo or brush it out – no worries with wind, weather or exercise; no residue on your pillow or clothing!

I know this all reads like a commercial but we get so much positive feedback about Fully.  It’s a shame we’re so sensitive about things like starting to lose our hair – I sometimes feel like tapping someone on the shoulder and saying “hey, try this!” because I know how much Fully can help restore confidence in your appearance.

Maybe you know someone who’d look and feel better thanks to Fully?


Our Pets Deserve Special Care

For so many of us the companionship a pet brings adds so much to our lives.  Cats and dogs especially provide their wonderful contributions to so many New Zealand homes and reward us in so many ways.

    Benny on guard with the hens

Our daughters all have dogs and we recently adopted a rescue cat, Benny, who is developing into a real character as he gains confidence.  These animals, big and small, give us so much pleasure – even when they’re at their mischievous worst!

Because we’ve seen them play and then sometimes struggle to get over their exertions we’ve spent a lot of time developing our Magnetic Pet Bed range.  We know (and animals immediately seem to sense) that the magnets can help them rest well and get gentle relief from pains and stiffness.  A lot of scientific studies show that animals have a particular sensitivity to magnetic fields and we’ve often seen how cats ands dogs are immediately attracted to our magnetic pet beds, sensing they can be of real help to them.

Our Magne-Pet Beds are great for domestic animals as well as working dogs.
They’re wonderfully comfortable (the magnets are gently positioned in thick wadding) and quickly become a favourite resting pla
ce for your much-loved pet.

We make a range of sizes suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds.  They have removable lambswool covers if you need to wash them and the gentle magnetic therapy will last for many years.

It’s the kind of special care that you know your pet deserves, a real investment in their wellbeing.

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