Stressings and Blessings

As we get older we can find we leave one lot of stressful things behind and move straight on to new levels.  Stress is just one of those things that few of us can ever get away from and we all suffer our own version of it.

I think back to my parents and what seemed like simpler times – but they’d just come through an horrific World War followed by a recurring Polio epidemic in New Zealand, Dad worked two jobs for many years while Mum had the challenge of 9 children and trying to meet our many varied wants and needs. Plenty of stress there, even without having to learn the internet and how to programme the microwave or remember 47 different passwords that comprise confusing combinations of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers.
Nowadays we look at our grandchildren and see them stressing as they face a different lot of pressures: in their school lives, peer issues, not to mention their everyday lives with the unavoidable intrusions of social media.
But despite all the pressures and problems we still get huge rewards from our every days with plenty of blessings to balance out the stressings.
If you are like us and your family is grown and gone, a furry friend large or small, can be a great stress reliever in our often, too quiet, everydays.
Benny our little rescue cat has been with us several months now and has been a great stress relieving companion during on-going Covid lock downs. He sleeps on our bed every night – rules are long gone – he claims the best sun sleep spot or uses his little magnetic bed to be sure of catching those recommended 16 hours of feline sleep every day!
But unfortunately, our new Pet Beds did not arrive as we had hoped, causing some unexpected stress to us humans. All is slowly being sorted and our full size range will be up on our website soon.


As you can see our XLarge size is very generous!




We humans also need restful, restorative sleep. Our Pure Mulberry Silk Pillows have a wrap-round layer of long Mulberry strands directly beneath the pillow cover, closest to your skin, for ideal cool head rest. Apart from promoting better cool sleep Pure Mulberry Silk strands contain a special protein called Serine that can help ease allergic reactions.

And before I get on with my Quince Jam/Jelly project, here’s a left-field thought: if stress is making you tear your hair out, check out our Fully Organic Hair Thickening range! I know people joke about hair loss but I also know that thinning hair can cause you to lose confidence and have a real impact on how you go about your life.  Fully’s a great organic product, easy to use and very effective at thickening your hair in a very easy way.  So if you’re losing your hair for any kind of reason, Fully can get you back into life.

The Kitchen
Last week as we headed back from Kaiwaka, after topping up with those important treats for Benny, Nick thought he saw a little sign reading “grapes for sale”. That was all he needed to pull over and head back for a closer look. And there in an old overgrown driveway was a little makeshift table weighed down by several generous bags of fruit. Beautiful Albany Surprise grapes, large plump figs, lemons, and those oh so rare! Quince. The grapes and figs are now long gone but were taste gems of yesteryear. And the Quince after a long hot messy day in the kitchen have been transformed into many pots of pink wobbly jelly.
Quince is a very old, gnarly fruit that originated in Western Asia. A tree that is also susceptible to disease hence the challenge of finding one. It’s not an ideal fruit to pick and eat raw but more for cooking or preserving such as: Quince Jam/Jelly or the famous Spanish/Portuguese membrillo paste.

I made my Quince Jelly with equal weight quantities of Quince juice and sugar. I added a sachet of pectin powder to the sugar but it still took longer to cook than I expected but that is often the case waiting & waiting for the right moment. I think less water to just cover the fruit would have been better and faster.

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