Sustainability Counts, Naturally

I think a lot of people are like me and worry about the amount of “stuff” we throw away, particularly the packaging that comes with so many products.  It’s something we’ve struggled with since we introduced Magne-Sleep some 20 years ago.  We’ve always been happy that our products themselves are primarily made with natural materials like Pure Lambswool and Pure Cotton. And we’ve also looked to source packaging that is not only organic but all-weather proof to protect our product to it’s destination.

For several years now we have used recyclable bags from a local NZ  – South Island – pbc Plastic Bag Company – for all our Magne-Sleep packaging.  These ECOLITE bags  are made using 33% less plastic and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of plastic packaging. This was a positive breakthrough for us. We know customers appreciate the fact not only are their goods well protected from the elements but we are helping to address the world’s ever-increasing plastics problems.

We are keen to play our part for a more sustainable world.  There’s too much unnecessary waste and we try to minimise this through packaging initiatives like our shipping bags and also by making high quality products that last a considerable length of time. We use the same quality Strontium ferrite magnets, with a lifespan of around 20 years, in all our bedding – pet beds too! Our 500gsm Lambswool and Pure Cotton Magne-Sleep covers are made to our specifications using quality materials with quality workmanship.
Magnetic Bedding that is made to last a long, long, time.

We all know the disappointment of buying a cheap product and finding that it doesn’t deliver real value in terms of performance or durability.  In just a short time you have to go and buy a replacement, so your money’s been wasted.

But it’s not just the money you can waste, it’s the fact that these short-lived items have to be disposed of somehow – and that’s another addition to our worldwide waste problems.

I feel saddened when I see pictures of acres of plastic waste washing up on the shores and the havoc this floating waste is causing to our sea creatures. 

Just imagine if all these tossed-away items were recyclable – and more people followed recycling practices.

I was particularly interested to read a recent article about Stella McCartney’s pioneering commitment to sustainability.  She’s certainly emerged from her father’s shadow and is doing some wonderful things that show us all how we can all have greater respect for the environment, people and animals.

Fortunately, many companies – not just the mega-brands like Stella McCartney but often the smaller, family-operated ones – are paying attention to this issues and, like us, are taking steps to using more recyclable and biodegradable components and minimising waste.  Long may it continue!

My Own Version of Sustainability
Some time back I wrote about Marie Kondo and my efforts to adopt her minimalist philosophy of “Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy. Thank them for their service – then let them go.”

It all sounds so good and easy and I am sure it clears the head for a much more uncluttered life. But Marie Kondo didn’t really work for me because, as my daughters like to tell me, I’m a hoarder. I find it hard to let things go just because “they’re old” or “out of fashion”, whether it’s clothing or just the little things that I have grown attached to for any number of reasons.
As Granny often said “you never know when it might come in handy”.

Not A Great Time For Gardening
As I gaze out through the office window I can see a rather neglected garden. It has been one of those summers up north with little rain and too much relentless wind. So outdoor jobs have been a challenge and I spent more time indoors than out.
But I have tried to save our Lime tree from a borer invasion. Sturdy gloves are definitely needed to strip off all the foliage whilst trying to avoid those nasty thorns. Then you squirt Borer cure deep into all those borer holes. But apart from picking endless beautiful Dahlia flowers it has been a very lazy summer for me.
Sifting thru my Monty Don Northern Hemisphere book or turning the pages of Flourish”  my special xmas gift book about NZ women and their extraordinary gardens.

That’s a very pleasant and inspiring way to pass an Autumn day.

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