Taking a small break is often all we need

Our youngest grandson is a very enthusiastic young man.
There is very little in his life that he doesn’t want to share with the world at large.
He can be down in the far corner of the garden netting the winning goal or beating his dad, again, at snap and away he goes….
“Oh my goodness I don’t believe it I just don’t believe it!”

His sister on the other hand prefers life under the radar and tries to keep a low profile.
This can make for a very quiet household but it usually means either parent is wandering past her bedroom door quite often.
They live overseas so we don’t get to see them often but next week we are visiting for a few days to soak up the action so we can enjoy it all again on our return home.



When we head away for a few days my Magne-Feet come too. They are stuck inside all my walking shoes and make those long hours trekking around new places, new shops and new play parks much, much better.
Simple, effective, comfortable, durable & won’t break the bank!

Our Magnetic Travel pad is another great pain relief option to use away from your bed and home. It’s a generous 74cm x 47cm with 16 magnets – same as in our underlays – & the 500gsm lambswool top will give deep comfort.





It’s been an Autumn of relentless wind so not ideal for work outdoors.
But this past couple of weeks I have made some progress.
In the nature strip heavy cardboard has been layered over weeds and soaked.
Small packs of cottage seeds, plus seeds from the failed giant sunflowers last summer, have been tossed on top. Then covered with compost.
Hopefully, when we return home from our break there will be new shoots visible.
Last weekend I found and bought a pure white Protea flower head at our local markets. Apparently, white Protea has been grown commercially in New Zealand for some time but, until recently, only for the export market.
Look out for this stunning plant.

I’m drying the flower head…?

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