Terms and Conditions

Magne-Sleep Magnetic Underlays have a 90-day right of return guarantee valid from the date of the Tax Invoice/Statement. This allows for the refund of purchase price as listed (less $25.00 administration/packing & handling charge) and requires correct use of the Magne-Sleep.
The Guarantee does not cover product damage caused by mistreatment or misuse, nor does it cover products other than Magne-Sleep Underlays.
If you return a Magne-Sleep under the terms of this guarantee it must be accompanied by the Tax Invoice/Statement. Should you not provide this, your refund will be subject to a $25.00 Administration Fee. No refund can be issued without valid proof of purchase.
Special promotional product items not returned will be charged at full price and deducted from any refund.
Please ensure any product is returned to:
Body Magnetix Limited PO Box 142 Mangawhai  North Auckland 0540

Privacy: Any personal information obtained through this website will remain confidential to Body Magnetix Limited and will not be shared with any third party.