The Quiet Achiever

Most of us know one or maybe quietly acknowledge that we are one.

They are the ones sitting around the dinner table who genuinely prefer listening rather than holding court.
It’s not that they are disinterested nor reticent but more they tend to find your news far more interesting than their own.
And the Quiet Achiever is no less confident nor less self assured than others, but rather, just content to work quietly and steadily towards their own goals.
We think Magne-Sleep works in much the same way, except it can’t talk.
Once you are resting on Magne-Sleep it will quietly and gently start working to reduce pain and inflammation so you can sleep better each night.
With each sleep Magne-Sleep gently works to increase blood flow to places of injury or disease encouraging the removal of toxins so your body can start to heal.
Over time as pain and discomfit are reduced we can sometimes forget how things were and the occasional “bad” sleep can have us wondering if Magne-Sleep is still working.
If this sounds like you, we suggest removing Magne-Sleep from your bed for a couple of months.
And as those aches & pains return you can again re-fit Magne-Sleep and be rest assured that this quiet achiever is helping even when you think it’s not.

“Gong hei fat choy”   Wishing you great happiness & prosperity

This year of the Pig is the last in the 12 year chinese animal zodiac cycle.
It comes with the promise of general prosperity with rewards for hard work, being generous, reliable, truthful and a good year to be sociable.
Quite a challenge! But certainly a New Year we can all enjoy.  

Despite our very low water tanks we have loved this hot dry summer.
Amost daily we have spent cool evenings outdoors or tucked under the umbrella during the heat of day.

And despite losing so many giant sunflower seedlings during those early summer storms we still have hundreds of seeds, from just a very few plants, drying for next time.


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