What’s Changing In Your World?

It’s always a bit strange when the seasons change, or so it seems to me.  September 1st was supposedly the first day of Spring and that morning I looked out the window hoping to see new-born lambs in the adjoining farmer’s paddock, frolicking in the sunshine – but it’s pouring with rain and the temperature outside has not much suggestion of an oncoming Summer.  Thankfully we’ve escaped the horrific floods that have battered so many parts of New Zealand this year – I feel so sorry for those people who’ve lost so much to the bad weather.

As the rain comes in fits and bursts and the wind turns to a cold westerly I can see the  farmer’s bedraggled sheep stoically grazing in the falling rain – no sign of newborn lambs anywhere but maybe they’re in a more sheltered paddock.

At least the sheep have wonderful wool coats to keep them warm and dry, and there’s plenty of lush green pasture for them to feed on.

The weather experts are saying it’s been a warm Winter but I’ve felt the cold a lot this year and I’m really looking forward to sunny days when I can get out in the garden, or walk the beach. The sun gives us such a mental and physical boost and I can’t wait for those lazy, hazy days of Summer to be with us.

Our newly-housed hens need their run extended and I’m hoping the ground will soon be dry enough for us to finish that task.  We’ve “rescued” three young hens abandoned to a free-ranging roadside fate and they seem very settled in the cosy hen house we knocked up from old materials.  No prizes for architectural excellence but our reward is an egg every day, along with the entertainment the hens provide for Benny who is fascinated with their constant cackling and pecking – but carefully keeps his distance.

One really big positive is the way we seem to be coming through the recent Covid outbreak better than many other countries have managed to do.  As Lockdown levels ease we’re looking forward to seeing our daughters and grandchildren soon – a happy possibility that we’ve really missed over the past few weeks.

More freedom is a great relief to every one of us, individuals, groups, businesses and all.  While there’s still some uncertainty there’s a lot to be positive about, even if we can’t be totally sure when everything will get back to some sort of real normality.  For us as a small business it’s been a tricky time although we haven’t suffered as badly as many have. 

The trickiest issue we face right now is maintaining our supply lines from various parts of the world.  At the moment we’re waiting on product to replenish our warehouse and we’re confident that “our ship will come in”, as my mother used to say to me when I shared my childhood dreams with her.

To those of you who have asked when our new stock will be arriving, we thank you for your patience and assure you we will let you know as soon delivery happens.  We look forward to it!

While our Magne-Sleep magnetic underlay stocks in some sizes are getting down we’re still sending out a lot of our other products to regular and new customers.  Our Magne-Dots continue to be big sellers to people who benefit from Magne-Dots’ “spot on” pain relief; Magne-Foot foot strips are great for anyone who has tired feet and stiff leg muscles; Magne-Flex bracelets can help with overall well being; and our Magne-Pads help ease back pain and general muscle pain.  These very popular products can all be seen on our website – have a look and contact us with any questions.

A fast-growing segment is our Magne-Pads for Pets – various sizes of pet beds for cats and dogs that the animals really love.

As our pets get older they sometimes suffer from muscle and joint pain and our Magne-Pad for Pets range can be really helpful for them to enjoy a long and active life.

These come in a range of sizes to suit all dogs, and are really great for working dogs who need good rest and recovery after their efforts.

Away from magnetic therapy, we market the Fully Hair Thickening range to a growing (that’s a bad pun) number of people who are suffering hair loss.  Fully organic fibres are easy to use and give you a simple and inexpensive way to thicken your hair naturally.  We have a full range of colours in stock, along with a good selection of Fully accessories.  I know that thinning hair is a topic that many people don’t feel comfortable talking about but we’re delighted to hear stories from so many customers of how Fully has given the confidence keep on living life to the max.

So while our days are still, to a degree, locked down we still have lots to do and enjoy our phone conversations with the people who call with questions or comments on our products.  I suppose we’re a bit different to some of those big companies who use impersonal call centres to handle their enquiries and put a huge emphasis on “Sell! Sell! Sell!”.   That’s never been our approach, preferring to offer information as customers want it, understanding their needs and doing our best to explain how and why our magnetic therapy products can help them.

The seasons may change, our world may change – but we’ll never change our commitment to providing you with top quality products, top quality information and top quality service.


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